Tech Problems at Independent Sentinel


We tried a news program that made it hard to share photos on social media. That was removed.

We also discovered that our hosting provider often blocks people with VPNs from even looking at our site. They either have to fix that, or we’ll move.

We are working on it but wanted to let you know since it is killing readership.

Thank you for your patience.



  1. Your loyal readers are patient and we hope you can solve the problems plaguing your excellent blog site. We’d be lost without IS. Thank you for being persistent.

  2. Most days, The Sentinel, is my first & last stop for the real news. That is especially the case after a “mass shooting”….when the MSM begins “losing interest” in the “suspect”.

  3. blocking access to selected sites ? an ISP is a corporation; they can write their own use policy . this is why we need to get the ‘Net reclassified as a Public Utility under FCC rules ( rather than as an “information service” ) . this issue is probably for SCOTUS to decide


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