Texas Judge Orders Gov. Abbott to Remove Buoys


A federal judge in Texas or did Governor Abbott to remove the buoys which are protecting the state from illegal aliens, many of whom are criminals.

“Governor [Greg] Abbott [R] announced that he was not ‘asking for permission’ for Operation Lone Star, the anti-immigration program under which Texas constructed the floating barrier,” wrote District Judge David Alan Ezra.

“Unfortunately for Texas, permission is exactly what federal law requires before installing obstructions in the nation’s navigable waters.”

Texas is ordered to remove the buoys by Sept. 15, but Abbott indicated just minutes after the ruling that the state plans to appeal the decision.

In the meantime, Governor Abbott should load up trains and planes with the millions of illegal aliens, pouring in and send them to the sanctuary cities. They wanted them.

This is a loss for the state of Texas and the American people.



  1. Still waiting for virtue signaling, filthy rich Democrats to offer to sponsor some border jumpers. Can’t think of a single Dem who’s literally taken official fiscal responsibility for a border crosser.

  2. An American judge is taking the side of non Americans…

    an American judge perceives the Americans as the villain.

    I never though i’d see that in my lifetime

    it is beyond insanity.

    I know the Nazi thing has been overused but imagine if a French judge had ordered French people to remove barriers and ordered them to let Nazis invade France.

    You could say that illegals are not like Nazis, that I am comparing apples to oranges

    ok but the cartel members among them, the MS-13 members among them do rape, torture and murder they even behead people.

    A judge ordering Americans to let those people in is a diabolical monster.

  3. What Abbott needs to do is something he has never done before, that is be a man. Do not remove the barriers. States have to begin direct challenges to the fed. One man who is challenging them, Paxton, is being framed by his own corrupt RINO party, and Abbott says nothing. I count Abbott on the side with the bad guys. He sent <1% of arriving illegals to other places. The flood of illegals which the sanctuary cities and states are complaining about are from the natural movement of the illegal swarm, not because of Abbott or any governor.


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