The Exodus from Fox News to Tucker Grows


According to Chadwick Moore, who wrote Tucker’s biography, nine staffers have left Fox to join Tucker, and more are eager to leave.

“My sources have now told me *NINE* former Tucker Carlson Tonight staffers have left Fox News to join Tucker on his next venture. There are others who are waiting to leave as soon as a role opens up for them with Tucker. Each of the 9 approached Tucker, not the other way around,” Moore says.

Fox has lost about one-third of its viewers since the network fired Tucker, while four of his Twitter videos reached more than 300 million people. On Thursday, Fox News Tonight, Tucker’s former slot, only had 1.6 million viewers and a minuscule 153,000 in the demo, whereas Tucker regularly pulled in over 3 million and 400,000, respectively.

All of the evening shows are down. Fox News only had 1.3 million overall on Thursday. If they sue Tucker to silence him, it will get worse. People have had it.

As reported yesterday, the fired chyron producer, Alex McCaskill, left to join Tucker.

That takes us to the point Tucker and the chyron producer made. Is Joe Biden a “wannabe dictator?”


Joe Biden has unilaterally declared war on Russia, albeit a proxy war.

One of the issues that undoubtedly got Tucker in trouble is the war in Ukraine. He’s opposed to our involvement in the war. In this first clip, he mentions how interesting it is that “it’s terrible to be an asset of Russia, but it’s entirely ok to be an asset of Ukraine.

Tucker’s last episode of Tucker on Twitter dealt with “wannabe dictator” Joe Biden. Is he a wannabe dictator or a dictator?  The media, the Washington elites, and the intelligence agencies all support Biden, no matter how criminal or corrupt his behavior is.

The Feds are exercising authority not given to them in the Constitution.

Fifty intel officials and the media covered up the Hunter laptop. Social media silenced the New York Post and anyone who dared report the truth about the laptop. The media and the administration are still lying.

Biden is going after his political opponent in the presidential race as they do in communist nations.

Biden has opened our borders, is destroying our sovereignty, and plans to sign on to the WHO pandemic Treaty that sacrifices our sovereignty over free speech, pandemics, serious illnesses, vaccines, vaccine passports, and more.

Another example is the fact that only the president decides document classifications with guidance from intelligence agencies. Jack Smith says he decides. Since when can the president open our borders or sign on to treaties with Iran or the WHO without two-thirds of the Senate’s approval?

As St. George Tucker said:

The Left now calls Elon Musk, Tucker Carlson, Joe Rogan, and Robert F. Kennedy Jr. neofascists. That’s insane. Will Democrats fall for this because radical Democrats are saying it?



  1. Thoughts: Biden and his cronies in the congress and the alphabet agencies should be tried for treason, for the holocaust of the experimental mRNA vaccine (the manufactures should also be so tried for murder); and tried for the ongoing mass murder of American children in the womb. Since so many black babies are targeted, the charge of genocide should be added! Like the news people and the medical people who supported Hitler, public hanging would fit the massive crimes.

    Evil must be removed or the country will soon fail.

    • Ironic, isn’t, that those who conspire with those many consider the neo-fascists in the Ukraine, call their opponents neo-fascists, with typical liberal lying.


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