The Fractured Democrat Party


Axios reports that no issue threatens to break Biden’s fragile democratic coalition like Israel’s response to the Hamas terrorist attack. Infighting is spreading, slowly but meaningfully, at every layer of the Democratic Party over Biden’s full-throated support of Israel.

Axios says it runs much deeper than college campus protests or caustic comments from elected officials. Many liberal Jews are furious that so many progressive Democrats aren’t more outraged by the slaughter of family and friends back in Israel.

Some are threatening to leave the party. Pro-Palestinian Democrats are outraged at the rising death tolls in Gaza made possible by Biden’s posture. Biden’s administration and political operation are getting tense and growing more deeply divided. Nearly 20% of the DNC’s roughly 300 employees signed a letter asking their boss to demand a cease-fire, says Axios.

[It looks like the Democratic Party will have to choose between being a Communist Party, an Islamo-Fascist party, or some other totalitarian party. There are so many Islamo-Fascists here now, they’re a significant voting bloc.]

However, it should help they have Secretary of State Anthony Blinken rushed to the Middle East to assure leaders the US will contain the war in Gaza and help civilians, even though money that goes to civilians ends up in the hands of Hamas, the terror organization.

According to The Wall Street Journal, the US is rushing to support Middle East leaders facing domestic turmoil over the Israel – Hamas conflict, with Secretary of State Anthony Blinken making two surprise visits Sunday to the West Bank and Iraq, as the Biden administration comes under pressure to pause the fighting. Pause means ceasefire and let Hamas overrun Israel.

First, Blinken went to the West Bank city of Ramallah and then to Iraq’s capital of Baghdad. He reassured Middle East allies that the US would work to keep the conflict from spreading. And he’s going to send money to the Palestinian civilians. He’s trying to straddle the fence mostly with taxpayer dollars.

The Arab leaders, who were not concerned about 1400 dead Israelis, were very concerned about the dead in Gaza. Israel is taking great precautions to limit the deaths of Hamas terrorists. They plan to eradicate the group. That is the only thing that will secure their peace and safety.




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