The Global Elite Plan an International Tax


French President Macron hinted that he would push for an international tax in the name of climate change. ┬áHe spoke at the sidelines of the Summit for a New Global Financing Pact in Paris, reports Politico. That’s where the self-appointed leaders of the world meet to decide how to fund extreme climate change ideology.

Top economists in France have been pushing for a new national wealth tax to finance the fight against climate change, spurring a debate inside Macron’s government.

It doesn’t get more Marxist than a wealth tax.

The French dodged and suggested a tax on financial transactions or an extra fee on airline tickets. This will affect everyone but will hurt the poor and middle class the most. It will take away opportunities to fly and the price of everything affected by financial transactions.

“France already has in place two types of taxes that have been suggested: one on plane tickets, another on financial transactions,” he said, adding that he was going to “make others follow us and mobilize” around these issues.

If these globalists choose to make flying more expensive, they will send us back to a time when the middle class couldn’t afford to travel.


Macron said the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development is a vehicle to reach a deal on reforming global taxation for large multinationals.

Yet another global ruler to go along with the UN, the World Economic Forum, IMF, World Bank, World Health, and so on.

When people who are unelected and unaccountable create rules for the world, you know you are in trouble.

“There has been a great deal of discussion on the idea of international taxation, over and above what countries and institutions are doing. Whether it’s on financial transactions, maritime transport, or certain other models, it will only work if it’s truly international, and so it presupposes an agreement, as we’ve been able to do on international taxation,” Macron said during the closing ceremony of the summit.

Unfortunately, Biden loves the global tax idea and has pushed for it in flying and fossil fuels.

The global elitists are destroying the middle class. It will affect the price of everything because once it’s in, it will never be enough. They will keep taxing and then tax more.





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