The Groomers Are Grooming Liberal American Parents


I was listening to a Newsmax show last night, and a young guest speaker said he would never watch the movie Sound of Freedom. He said children being molested is one thing he can’t tolerate, and he wouldn’t want to see the horror in a film. Some of the guests said that he should know and watch the movie.

He disagreed. I felt the same way until I saw this movie. It is a troubling topic, and it’s hard not to cry. However, it’s essential to know what’s going on, and if Mr. Ballard can put his life on the line to save these children, the least I can do is learn about him and his mission.

The left is now falsely claiming that this is a QAnon movie. In no way is this anything but an excellent drama of factual events about slavery in the world and the United States today.

This movie gave Mr. Ballard a platform and a voice. Do not believe the lies. This movie treats the subject with a fair amount of delicacy, and it’s all true. It doesn’t dwell on the horror but on the action and the characters.

Sound of Freedom focuses on a little boy taken into the sex slave trade. Mr. Ballard rescues him. The little boy then asks Mr. Ballard to find his sister. Mr. Ballard puts his life on the line to find her. We won’t tell you if he does. In the end, with the help of a courageous police officer and a former cartel member, Mr. Ballard saves 120 children. He gave them a second chance at life.

Ballard also calls out Joe Biden’s open border policy enabling the sex trade.


The point of all this is the grooming of American parents. Ballard is well-read on the topic and knows what these pedophiles do to groom children. The pedophile’s playbook is separate parents from children, sexualize children and let them see pornography, take God out of the equation, and consent, consent, consent. Children can be talked into consenting to anything. This is the Woke agenda.

Parents are also being groomed, not just children. It’s mostly liberal parents because they are so open and liberal. What is a good quality is also a vulnerability.



  1. Ballard also calls out Joe Biden’s open border policy enabling the sex trade.That truth is why Democrats are denouncing this movie.

  2. Thanks, we need more Newsmax coverage on this great site.

    People need to know how vile this stuff is. Infowars talks about some of the things going on, with the grooming, sexual acts and surgeries. It sounds unbelievable though it is true.


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