The Hill: 5 Alternative Candidates to Take Joe Biden’s Place in 2024


In an article in The Hill, Niall Stanage threw out five frightening alternatives if Joe Biden exits the 2024 race. Is there really any doubt that Biden can’t serve another term?

If you think Joe is bad, it could get worse. Stanage left out the one person many think could run, so we included the name.

The Hill article first pointed to the latest poll in which 67 percent of Democrats and Democrat-leaning independents say the party should choose someone else. It also noted that Biden’s approval numbers are at 39%. The only other declared candidates, Robert F Kennedy and Marianne Williamson are going nowhere.

So here are their suggestions.
First, vice president Kamala Harris, who, as we reported, said she is ready to be president.

They admit that she is not popular with Democrats, And her poll numbers are worse than Joe Biden’s. An economist/You Gov poll found that her unfavorable rating is 55%, the same as Biden’s. However, 41% have a favorable view of Biden, and only 36% have a positive view of Kamala Harris.

The second obvious choice is Gavin Newsom.

Republicans say he ruined San Francisco, he’s ruining the state of California, and now he wants to do that for the whole country. The Hill noted that he’s stepping up his arguments with Governor DeSantis to help his profile. Republicans say he doesn’t have a record to run on.

People are concerned he wouldn’t do well in battleground states because he’s viewed as an archetypal California liberal. Actually he’s viewed as a fascist by some.

Pothole Pete Buttigieg, famous for never fixing the roads in South Bend and now the transportation secretary, is number three on their list.

Stanage says he “surpassed all expectations.,” and he’s part of the “Democrat mainstream.” [But he is the son of a dedicated Marxist professor who has shown the same predisposition. For instance, he wants to get rid of the Electoral College. That would end the Republic right there.] The Hill notes that he does not do well with black voters.

Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer is number four.

Lockdown Whitmer ran on a campaign of abolishing ICE. The Hill said she has “built broad appeal” and has “practical problem solving ability rather than dogma.” One of her signature battle cries is “fix the damn roads.” She strongly defends abortion, and she was a target of a kidnapping plot. They say she is an “extremely serious contender.”

Number five on the list is a reach. Its representative Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, a dedicated hardcore leftist and, some say, a mentally challenged representative from New York.

Of Biden, she says “he’s done quite well.” Supporters “thrill to her forceful advocacy for progressive policies.” Other Democrats say she’s unelectable on a national level. In an Economist /You Gov poll in February, 43% of respondents viewed her unfavorably, while only 32% viewed her favorably.

Our choice for number one.

The Hill article left out a lot of governors who could possibly get thrown in the mix, but the one they should have put in, who is probably a leading contender, is the very popular Michelle Obama. She could complete Barack Obama’s Marxist vision for America. So much of what is going on now has his fingerprints all over it. The transformation Barack Obama promised will come true.



    • Which biden ? The doppelgangers or the corpse ? Biden is going to be buried by his and his family’s corruption. Deep State will initiate a ‘medical episode’ to either eliminate or completely incapacitate biden…dead man walking (actually stumbling and staggering). Harris in the batter’s box ? Even the deep state knows that is a catastrophe. Her San Franciso slippers will not be enough to save the marxists.


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