The Inside Story of Audrey Hale, The Nashville Killer


Nashville police will not confirm or deny the released manifesto allegedly written by the Nashville killer. Allegedly, police don’t want to release the manifesto over potential lawsuits. Reportedly, some parents of the victims do not want the manifesto released, but at least one does. Sometimes, an event is so egregious that people need to know the facts. This is one of those cases. We need to know what went wrong.

There is a lot more information that needs to come out.

According to one source, the disturbed killer was following the Principal of the school. She killed the Principal during her spree, along with a custodian, a teacher, and three nine-year-old children.

Steven Crowder released the first three pages of the manifesto, and they do indicate a hatred for people with “white privilege” as one of her motivations. She targeted “little crackers” with “white privilege.”

Yet, according to Wikipedia, and NBC News, the police and law enforcement said: As of April 14, 2023, the motive for the shooting remains unclear. Hale’s surviving writings, including diaries and a planning document, initially called a “manifesto”, were described by police as “rambling” and did not reference any specific political or social issues.

Why did they lie?

l to r, top row, Katherine Koonce, Principal, Mike Hill, Custodian, Cynthia Peak, Teacher l to R, bottom, Evelyn Diekhaus, Hallie Scruggs, William Kinney

Audrey Hale said in her journal, ‘Multiple times where I should have been caught, right, but I wasn’t, especially the summer of 2021.’ Jaco Booyens, host of The Bottom Line said, “That’s important to know. Why is that important to know? We will share more here with you when I’m able to share it.”

It’s not that Hale’s mental illness or her obsession with white privilege and wokeness didn’t matter, but there is much more. Police retrieved 20 journals and many other documents, giving a more complete picture.

Booyens said Hale has a problem with the Principal and the school where she worked before the Principal was hired at Covenant. Hale was disturbed and followed her there. The school hired the Principal, knowing this but allegedly without warning the parents or taking further precautions.

The killings weren’t Hale’s first attempt; she was there multiple times. She “chickened out”  and was caught at the school armed another time.

She had a history, and the system failed.

Audrey ‘Aiden’ Hale, transgender, Instagram

Booyens began, “Members of our team were in a briefing days after the shooting because I have a family member that’s a former teacher at that school, and that community is a very tight community. The reason she writes that I should have been caught is because of her history with the principal of the school and previous attempts by her to enter the school. That was not her first time being caught in the parking lot with weapons, to have gone in, where she, for the lack of a better term, chickened out, if you could call it that.

“Where there was altercations between her and the principal. Where numerous people in the community knew that she had intention to do harm. That she had been classified in a certain term, where police had been involved, where house visits had happened from police,” Booyens continued.

“The principal’s family, threats to that family, threats to do terminal harm to that family.

“We’re talking about so much that she’s alluding to in these other memoirs and journals, and that’s why she’s alluding to, ‘I should have been caught.’

“She actually also writes, ‘I’m surprised I got this far,’ because there had been a failure by this system to prevent these three children and teachers to stay alive and there’s a long history between her, the school she came from, the principal of the previous school the principal came from. The fact that the board of directors of the current school Covenant knew of the conditions between her and the principal when the principal was being interviewed to be hired at full disclosure by the principal to the new school.

“So that there was a threat looming, coming on the premises before was well known. So we will try to get that in the coming days.”

News 5 reporter and newscaster Phil Williams said the pages are out of context and the right is running with it. That could be solved by releasing all of it.

Opinion: Audrey Hale’s main problem was mental illness and a vendetta against the principal. Her ideology against white privilege and wokeness is a symptom and likely a vital contributing factor, an excuse.

I personally worked in one school with a very disturbed teen. When I took a new position, his parents happened to move into the same district. He came to see me and told me he realized that I showed up where he had problems, realized I was his problem, and that he planned to kill me. The teen found out where I lived and started showing up outside my house, just staring. The Superintendent was great and got him immediately admitted to a very expensive, but exceptional residential. Somehow, they helped him live a somewhat useful life last I heard.


The Steven Crowder release of the manifesto has been restricted everywhere. Mr. Crowder still has it up on his website.



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