The Latest on the World War


The United States dispatched additional fighter jets, including F-35s and F-15s, to the Middle East to reinforce its regional military presence. On October 8, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin revealed plans to strengthen the US fighter squadrons operating in the Middle East under the jurisdiction of US Central Command. In addition to the increased presence of F-35s and F-15s, Austin also disclosed that F-16 and A-10 squadrons in the region would receive additional support. The A-10, the Warthog, is dated, but they’re used in ground wars to strafe the ground troops in a ground war that Israel is about to engage in.

The US Central Command confirms the USS Gerald R. Ford carrier strike group has arrived in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea facing Gaza and Lebanon.


Hezbollah has privately warned Israel that it is prepared to open a second front if Israeli forces launch a ground assault in Gaza, according to Arab officials and diplomats.

The U.S. has, in turn, warned Hezbollah and Iran that it will defend Israel if the Lebanese militant group launches a major attack.

According to Wall Street Journal, Israel’s defense minister vowed to send Lebanon back to “the Stone Age” if Hezbollah attacked.

“We’re on the sword’s edge,” said one former Israeli defense official. “Brinkmanship is a dangerous way of life.”

Washington is trying to dissuade Lebanon from joining the fight. Are we heading for World War III?

The biggest problem, outside of the US not having any money, is the same fools who left Afghanistan stupidly are in charge. We already have a war going on in Ukraine that we are losing badly.

Col. Macgregor warns against letting emotions take over. We should contain the fight and do what we can to not widen it. He said politicians have been trying to start a war with Iran for decades. This could turn into a World War.

The Latest on the World War





    1. Disappointed in Charlie Kirk. It seems there is a lot he does not understand.
    2. The col. pointed out that we can not afford more war and we need to be taking care of the open border in effect inviting terrorists into our country.
    3. The idea of trying to influence Israel not to level the Gaza strip is just trying to place super world policeman again. Is such needed? Yes! is the USA in a position to fulfill that role? Not just NO! but *********** (put in your strongest adjective) NO!!!
    4. Asking Israel not to totally remove the Hama threat for fear of escalation would be like telling Kennedy not to get the missiles removed from Cuba. They can’t live with the gun forever pointed at them.
    5. Any suffering in Gaza should be blamed on the Israelis but on Hamas who created the need for destruction.
    6. Having a humanitarian nature is used against the US.
    7. If we stick up for the human rights of Gazaians against Israel, how do we explain our failures to stick up for the human rights of the oppressed in China and elsewhere, .That sounds like what a bully would do!!!
  1. Considering Hezbollah has amassed 150 to 250 thousand precision guided missiles Israel would be forced to go nuclear, that is if they have any tactical missiles. The Iron Dome isn’t capable of shooting those types. But even if it could, a 90 – 95 success rate would still be devastating for many cities. The number also would overwhelm any anti-missile system.


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