The Little Mermaid, Disney’s Latest Woke Flop – No “Kink” or “Slavery”


Disney’s new Little Woke Mermaid is being rated differently since Disney decided people don’t like it because of raaaacism. It can’t be because it’s Woke and not good. The left wanted slavery and kink. Everyone else wanted a good story.

“Our rating mechanism has detected unusual voting activity on this title. To preserve the reliability of our rating system, an alternate weighting calculation has been applied,” the notification at IMDb reads.

The movie is currently the number one rated film on the site, scoring 7.0 out of 10 because of the heavy weighting based on their subjective opinion. However, out of 43 thousand reviews 39.3 percent (17 thousand) give The Little Mermaid a 1 out of 10 for an unweighted score of 4.7, reports The Post Millennial.

Far-left Deadline says it’s a big hit but headed for a financial loss:

In a rare situation for a Disney tentpole, particularly a live-action title based on a treasured classic animated musical, The Little Mermaid looks to bank more at the domestic box office ultimately than overseas, with $300M-$350M U.S./Canada to $260M abroad.

At that level, per finance sources, off a reported $250M production cost and $140M global marketing spend, The Little Mermaid could very well break-even. However, anything in the low $400M global threshold and this fish is apt to be sinking to a loss of around $20M.

It’s only going to get worse as the word gets out.

A big part of the problem has to be the damage they are doing to their own brand image by trying to indoctrinate young children with gender ideology.

The NY Times review is sad there wasn’t more “kink” [sexual fetishism?]:

The new, live-action “The Little Mermaid” is everything nobody should want in a movie: dutiful and defensive, yet desperate for approval. It reeks of obligation and noble intentions. Joy, fun, mystery, risk, flavor, kink — they’re missing. The movie is saying, “We tried!” Tried not to offend, appall, challenge, imagine. A crab croons, a gull raps, a sea witch swells to Stay Puft proportions: This is not supposed to be a serious event. But it feels made in anticipation of being taken too seriously. Now, you can’t even laugh at it.

Oh, and where was the mourning over slavery?

Where’s the Slavery?

They couldn’t even please the Woke audience.

A prominent media diversity advocate harshly criticized it for failing to acknowledge the horrors of slavery in the Caribbean.

Marcus Ryder, an influential British campaigner who also chairs the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, celebrated the casting of Halle Bailey but took issue with the film’s glossy depiction of racial harmony.

He was very concerned about its “dangerous erasure of slavery.”

Deadline wrote:

“I do not think we do our children any favours by pretending that slavery didn’t exist,” he wrote in the blog, titled ‘Disney’s The Little Mermaid, Caribbean Slavery, and Telling the Truth to Children.’

“Setting the fantastical story in this time and place is literally the equivalent of setting a love story between Jew and Gentile in 1940 Germany and ignoring the Jewish holocaust.”

You must be miserable and wallow in the past all the time, even if you’re a child.

The far-left Wrap sees the same box office troubles ahead, reports Breitbart:

This weekend, “The Little Mermaid” secured a successful domestic launch with a $118.6 million four-day opening, among the top five highest for Memorial Day weekend, while earning strong word of mouth from an audience driven by Black moviegoers.

But overseas, the film grossed just $68 million… With a $250 million budget, the film may not have the overseas legs to turn a theatrical profit, let alone reach the $1 billion mark hit by past remakes of Disney Renaissance films like “Beauty and the Beast” and “Aladdin.”

Most of the criticisms had nothing to do with race. They complained about the low quality of the CGI [computer-generated imagery] and how they’re sick of classics being made into live-action movies. Others said there was no soul, and the only redeeming quality is Ariel can sing. Most said it was just hard to get through, and looked very low budget.



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