The Madness Continues as Gov. Healey Calls in the Guard


Gov. Maura Healey has declared an emergency over illegal aliens (they’re not migrants*) and called in the National Guard to help handle them. The madness of unfettered anonymous people pouring into the country continues 24/7 – it is madness.

They Came from Texas

Governor Abbott has been dealing with the bulk of illegal aliens pouring into his state to the point that his state is now a minority-majority. He’s also dealing with a lot of crime as a result. He has sent some of these anonymous, unvetted people from around the world to sanctuary cities. It’s a mere handful of the numbers that he has.

We’re getting at least a quarter million a month into the nation. Hillary Clinton has repeatedly said that the Democrats are going to turn Texas blue. This appears to be the way they’re going to do it.

The handfuls he sent to sanctuary cities have been disastrous for them, so you can imagine what it’s doing to Texas, Arizona, California, and Nevada.

In fact, they didn’t come from Texas. They came from all over the world.

Mass. Gov. Maura Healey

Governor Healey activated 250 members of the National Guard to provide basic services at emergency shelter hotels amid an influx of migrants that has service providers stretched thin.

She will also launch a Regional Rapid Response Team to assist with overseeing shelter sites. The teams will be comprised of state employees. These are employees who are being pulled from the jobs that they have been doing. Maybe their jobs aren’t needed.

The move comes after she declared a state of emergency this month over the increasing number of migrants arriving in Massachusetts from Texas.  Massachusetts is one of the states that insisted on declaring sanctuaries for anonymous people from around the world. But they are also not that happy when they are the recipients.

“Massachusetts is in a state of emergency, and we need all hands on deck to meet this moment and ensure families have access to safe shelter and basic services,” Healey said in a statement. “We’re grateful to the brave men and women of the National Guard for stepping up to help us ensure that every family in emergency shelter has their needs met, including access to food, transportation, medical care, and education.”

More than 6,000 migrant families are in emergency shelters across the state.

Texas gets that number in a day.

The National Guard members will provide basic service at shelters that don’t have a contracted service provider. Each member will be assigned to a specific shelter site beginning next week, where they will be responsible for facilitating services provided by the state and local government, vendors, and community organizations.

Our National Guard should be in charge of sending them home. Instead, they’re making them more comfortable.

The National Guard will assist school districts with enrolling in school.

“We are committed to being Always Ready and Always There for the residents of Massachusetts,” said Maj. Gen. Gary Keefe, the Adjutant General for the Massachusetts National Guard.

This is utter madness.

“Our role in the response to the ongoing housing crisis will expand to leverage our multitude of robust and adaptable capabilities in emergency and domestic operations to help those in need,” he added.


You won’t like what we become when the madness ends. I don’t care what party you’re in. It’s a Uniparty, anyway.

*We must stop letting people change our way of thinking with word usage. The illegal aliens are not migrants. The idea of calling them migrants was Angela Merkel’s. She wanted to be euphemistic. We need to call them exactly what they are so we know what we are dealing with. We know some are asylum seekers, but they are not going about this in the correct way.

The Biden administration has destroyed our asylum system. In fact, they’ve destroyed all our laws with the excuse that our laws are broken. The administration is breaking them. Little blame can be attached to the illegal aliens when we have half a nation telling to come in and giving them our benefits that we don’t even give to our citizens and legal residents.

There is opinion in this article.



  1. The Guard will babysit the illegals, set them up with a variety of free services and items, and protect them. This lady does this for PR within her party, she is ambitious.

    That is the state I knew well for 3 years. Government programs were the solution to everything 30 years ago and still are.

    • Murder of a nation….murder of ALL so called ‘civilized(?)’ nations – especially of a ‘Christian’ or Hindu background…and it started in earnest with GW….intensified under ‘barry’ and now no holds barred on joe ‘who’s’ watch…


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