The MSM Is Changing Position on Biden – Why?



The MSM Is Changing Position on Biden – Why?

by Floy Jackson

Has Hell Frozen Over?

This past week, the NYT actually admitted it’s TRUE, David Weiss, US attorney assigned to investigate Hunter Biden, was blocked by the DOJ from bringing “substantive” charges against the president’s son.

Recently, ABC News’s chief White House correspondent asked Joe a REAL question about his age and job ability, noting 70% of voters don’t want him to run for re-election. Imagine that!

Another White House correspondent actually had the nerve to ask Joe about text messages uncovered by IRS whistleblowers indicating he, Joe himself, was involved in the strong-arming of CCP officials for money. Biden nearly lost his mind and began screaming about Putin losing the war with IRAQ.

Wednesday, Jun 28, CNN actually began pummeling Joe’s, “Bidenomics,” pointing out that 3/4s of Americans are anything BUT happy with Joe’s economy. Then again, regardless of HOW Biden and his people try to paint the picture, most Americans buy their own groceries and gas up their own cars. The real results of Bidenomics are devastating family budgets – and THEN come utility bills!

Joe Biden
So What the HELL is Going ON?

Republicans seem to be at odds with each other about who to impeach first. Some favor impeaching Biden, and others prefer AG Garland or Mayorkas.

It may be a difficult decision; however, for those who have their thinking caps on, strategy is rarely Republicans’ strong suit. They will resist ALL temptation to impeach Joe Biden and, effectively, do the covert bidding of the DNC.

As the MSM suddenly begins asking Biden real questions vs. well-scripted, softball questions by pre-arranged reporters, NOW is NOT the time to solve the DNC’s dilemma by putting out their trash.

In 2020, the DNC and D.C. Deep State went to unprecedented, and by the opinions of millions, illegal extremes to seat Biden. By the most passive of standards, the Biden administration has proven to be nothing short of a “Dumpster Fire,” both domestically AND internationally. Now is NOT the time to bail the DNC out and clean up their mess.

IF They Are Smart…

Expect more Democrat/MSM snowballs hoping Republicans will throw them – Do Not Comply. MAKE Biden face Trump again in 2024.

Republicans should, by all means, impeach AG Garland. Without doubt, if it’s true, “where there’s smoke, there is fire,” Garland is sitting squarely in the middle of a massive DOJ Forest Fire, and the fire hydrant is EMPTY. With dozens of very reputable sources, whistleblowers with receipts, and a “few good men” in the House conducting meticulous investigations, impeaching Garland should not be a great challenge. Democrats who continue to turn blind eyes to blatant DOJ corruption will NOT be held in good stead by the majority of rapidly awakening voters.

After AG Garland, they can consider Mayorkas or even Kamala. As HLS head as The Border Czar, both have been stunning failures at protecting our borders and, by extension, all of America. It’s not a question of “IF,” but how many Americans have, and will continue to, lose their lives to the massive influx of drugs, drug cartels, and deadly violence perpetrated on American citizens. Then there’s the issue of dozens of medieval diseases currently being imported by some 150+ foreign nations. We are just beginning to appreciate the devastating effects of open borders.

If they are smart, Republicans will wait until after the 2024 election and seek well-deserved criminal charges against Joe Biden, Hunter, and every other involved family member. After all, Democrats have now set a precedent charging a past president. The only difference, Republicans will not need to “compose” criminal acts against Biden. By that time, a PLETHORA of them will be exposed.

May “Home Spring Eternal”

Let’s hope and pray for once Republicans will make smart decisions. Let’s hope voices of reason will prevail, but it probably would not hurt to have every GOP House member barraged by some strongly worded messages from voters: Be Smart, do not remedy Democrats’ big problem for them.​​​



  1. I have lost all hope that the RINOs will do anything they are so afraid of the dem/communists that they are nearly incapable of thinking for themselves look what they have done so far absolutely nothing hearing after hearing they do nothing .Some members have filed impeachment papers against the Sniff McCarthy put a hold on that what gives?

  2. The MSM wants Biden out because the criminal elites want him out. The GOP will do the absolute minimum they can. The GOP merely provides support to the NWO and dems for the retirement of Biden by making constant revelations with no action. The GOP refuses to examine the major corruption going on, because they are part of it, and it exposes their masters.

    • lol, “criminal elites,” Democrats, potato tomato.
      And of course you are quite right, GOP Elites IMO, MORE to blame than the DNC. WE KNOW what they are and have always been – The Party of Treason as LTC Nathanial Grigsby referred to them more than 100 years ago. Republican Elites, beating their “conservative chests,” every election season PROMPTY sell us out the Wednesday after elections.

      Our only hope going forward is to increase the army of GENUINE MAGA reps, emphasis on genuine. Not the “eye patch McCains,” or Lindsey Grahams of DC. Have you noticed Graham is following Trump EVERYWHERE like a hungry kitten and Trump carrying a saucer of milk? Lindsey NEVER hitches his wagon to a losing team – he knows what’s coming.

      Crowd response to Graham at Pres Trump’s SC rally speaks volumes. Americans are waking up in HUGE numbers and they are FURIOUS with what used to be known as “RINOs.” Used to be because members of the “Old Republican Guard,” those long betraying America, are more hated by the day. This alone could inspired them to actually impeach Biden, likely not a good move at this time.

      BTW, Fox – far from Trump Friendly, reported attendance at the SC rally, between 50,0000 and 55,000 in a town with a population of 3,500. MSM outlets downplayed it as usual, one actually reported the rally was attended by “some 3,000 people.” WHY outlets like the Independent Sentinel are SO IMPORTANT and need our utmost support.


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