The Only Man to Hear the Missing Stealth Jet Come Down – Wild


Randolph White, 72 years of age, retired from his job at the paper mill in Georgetown 10 years ago. He lives in the house in the video with his wife in a very rural area of Williamsburg County. He loves living about two miles away from where he grew up.

“Normally, it’s pretty quiet, but on Sunday afternoon, I was there in the bathroom taking a shave when I heard screeching between a screech and a whistle.”

He then imitated the scary sound.

“I said, ‘What in the world is this?’ And I heard a boom! And my whole house shook,” Randolph said to NBC, adding he didn’t know what the source of the noise was for sure and thought it could have been a “meteorite coming from out of space, or something.”

He didn’t realize it was a plane, so he didn’t call anybody.

A large debris field was caused by the wreckage of the plane crash, which caused no fatalities after the pilot ejected safely. Randolph was thankful nobody was hurt, explaining a church is nearby.



  1. Still not buying it. That dog wont hunt. 1 guy on a report to Commiecast news? And how do we know this is a real crash site? They’re keeping it secret why the pilot ejected (or got ejected) from a jet with ChiCom parts. Military had no tracking on a $100 mill plane? Biden’s regime more lies and cover ups like a Maui fire where citizens were deliberately boxed in and 1000’s of children disappear. False flag event incoming.

  2. If a 100 million dollar jet falls in a field does it make a sound?

    What jerk pilot abandons a craft to let it crash near civilians and potentially cause death to innocents? I worked with a professional who lost rudder in a crop duster and he guided that plane to a safe area and managed to bring it in on an abandoned road. He was a real pilot.


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