The Partisan Babes of The View Go Radical NIMBY


The View ‘went full NIMBY on illegal aliens. They say they need to be resettled elsewhere. They might agree with Biden who wants them all resettled in Texas. Instead of Remain in Mexico, he wants Remain in Texas.

They also think aliens can’t exist in different climates. Meanwhile, we have enclaves of Middle Easterners and Africans in Alaska, Maine, Minnesota, and THEY ALL SURVIVED!

Anna Navarro, as her usual self was the most NIMBY:

We need legislation. We need cooperation with other countries and cooperation with refugee resettlement programs worldwide so not everybody comes to the United States.

I do think the federal government is doing many things. They have prioritized asylum seekers. They’ve instituted a parole program specifically for those four countries, but, frankly, you know, I think we need to find — and we’ve dealt with this before. I lived in Miami. I was a migrant, an immigrant in Miami in the ’80s. You’ll remember when we had the Mariel boat lift. 125,000 Cubans came in a matter of six months. It puts tremendous stress on a city, on a community, on the social services. They need to be resettled elsewhere.

Sara Haines added, “They need to spread out. This is a massive country!”

[No, they’re unvetted and here illegally. THEY NEED TO GO HOME! We can’t take in the world. And in fact, they are spread out, ruining every state politically.]

The full episode:



  1. In Texas, we say the immigrants need to be stopped from entering altogether. I hope Gov. Abbot keeps sending bus loads to NYC and Wash DC, etc.


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