The Real Conspiracy Surrounding Sound of Freedom


The Left seems Hell-bent on destroying the movie Sound of Freedom. Insider came out with their own hit piece, following Bloomberg and many other so-called legacy media outlets. The film is not right-wing or religious. It’s an action thriller about saving children from pedophiles. It has nothing to do with politics or right-win anything, and it is a true story.

The left-wing media was quick to report that one of the funders of the film was arrested.

A funder of Sound of Freedom was arrested as an accessory to child kidnapping. So far, it seems like all he did was rent an apartment to the woman with the child.

The Insider, a committed leftist outlet, writes:

Sound of Freedom” is loosely based on the true story of Tim Ballard, a former Homeland Security agent who goes rogue to save children from sex traffickers. Ballard also founded the nonprofit Operation Underground Railroad, which critics say is a QAnon-adjacent anti-child trafficking charity.

The person who spread the nonsensical QAnon attack without any basis whatsoever is an infamous pedophile spokesperson, Noah Berlatsky. Bloomberg published his piece but didn’t mention that writer is a pedo-enabler or worse.

Insider didn’t bother to mention it either. The whole QAnon nonsense is mostly invented to demonize the Right, and it also has nothing to do with the movie.

The outlet then criticized the main actor Jim Caviezal for “questionable beliefs,” accusing him of being a QAnon.

The real conspiracy is why the Left wants to hate this movie so much and destroy it. Are they all pedo-enablers? I notice the pedo flag often flies along with all the other LGBTQIA+ flags.

The movie is a very good, eye-opening and accurate movie.



  1. One has to think back to the 1990’s and the AIDS epidemic among gays an remember that it was the frequent trips of gays to Haiti where they could molest as many children as theycould affird, and that is where the epidmic started. Today, they see this movie simply as an obstacle to normalize pedophilia.

  2. Could it be that many on the left are sexual deviants? Could it be they “like” little children the wrong way?
    Some of Joe Biden’s public actions could certainly cause one to wonder about his “special needs”.


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