The Scam of the Century: Male Takes Powerlifting Championship


In the Canadian Powerlifting Union’s championships last week, Anne Andres, a male who “identifies as a female,” lifted 1317 pounds. It is a new woman’s world record by a man by more than 440 pounds.

He sounds like a misogynist. “The Canadian Powerlifting Union is discriminating against female athletes,” says Riley Gaines.

Andres is a biological male with a ponytail, a woman’s name, and reduced estrogen. What he isn’t is a woman.

Andres followed the rules, but the rules were inadequate. They are dishonest. Hormones alone don’t make a woman. It’s become a scam of the Woke.

Mr. Anne Andres

Mr. Andres attributes his record-breaking lifts to an intense training ethic, not strong hormones. He has always had deficient testosterone, he said in another post.

“My test [testosterone] is lower than almost every human on this planet,” he said. “It was low during puberty; it is non-existent now. These are the first tests you run as a transwoman to find out how much you need to suppress. Didn’t take much. So, not exactly valid.”

He can talk about testosterone, but it’s a poor measure. He still has the biological musculature and structure of a male.

“[I] didn’t touch a barbell in my entire life until seven years ago. In theory, I will be representing Canada at IPF Masters Worlds in October 2024. Unless I get hurt, I will win by a good margin,” Andres says.

This shows you the edge that biological men have over women. They are ruining their sports.

SuJan Gill, who officially finished in second. She is the winner, not the guy.


“It’s completely unfair…No one thinks that’s fair,” female powerlifter April Hutchinson said on “Varney & Co.”

His total weight lifted in squat, bench, and deadlift resulted in a final score of 597.5 kilograms, over 200 kilograms more than his closest opponent, SuJan Gill, who finished at 387.5 kilograms.

Hutchinson argued Andres’ victory spells an impossible future for females in the sport.

“I think the total was 462 pounds; he has the second-highest deadlift in powerlifting history, beating out champions that have been working ten years or more for that record. A woman will never break those records,” she said.

The Canadian Powerlifting Union (CPU)’s gender self-identification Trans Inclusion Policy, announced earlier this year, allows athletes the choice of competing with the gender they self-identify as vs. biological birth.

Mr. Anne Andres

Hutchinson, who said she has spoken with some federation board members, is frustrated.

“I have written my federation, I don’t know how many times about this matter – we had actually this past Sunday, when Anne competed. We had athletes actually write to the federation prior to the competition telling them about Anne and the complete unfairness and dropping out. We had three people drop out. One competitor actually basically cut weight just to go into a different category so that she didn’t have to compete against Anne. So the federation is not listening.”

“I’ve actually spoken to board members of my federation, and a lot of them have said we don’t agree with it, but our hands are tied. We don’t want to get sued by not letting them compete,” she claimed.

This might end if all the women got together and refused to compete.





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