The Uniparty Is Planning a Budget Scam So They Can Spend More


Author James Freeman wrote an opinion piece for the Wall Street Journal titled, ‘Some Weird Freakish Thing,’ in which he laments the fact that Senators of both parties concocted a new budget scam.

He writes:

Nobody expects the Schumer Democrats to see eye to eye with House conservatives on the need for federal spending restraint. But is it too much to ask Senate Republicans to avoid endorsing Washington’s latest budget scam? It was only June that President Joe Biden was finally forced to accept the token spending limits in the Fiscal Responsibility Act and already senators of both parties are designing ways to get around them.

Senators of both parties are working together to spend more than the FRA levels. They plan to classify 14 billion of ordinary appropriations as emergency spending. This represents about 10% of the FRA savings, and it’s aside from the Ukraine spending.

The US government doesn’t even have a watchdog setup in Ukraine to account for the spending of billions in taxpayer funds. You will never know how it was spent. Many fought for transparency but the establishment rejected it.


It truly is the Uniparty, at least in the Senate, and neither one wants to give up the outrageous spending that will destroy this country. Senior citizens pay attention, your social security is at risk. Veterans benefits, don’t plan on it. Freebies, fuggetaboutit.

We already have $33 trillion in debt that we can never pay back, and the federal government plans another $21 trillion over the next decade. If we have an emergency like a war with Russia and China, we’re cooked. We don’t have the money to deal with it. These politicians know that.

For the past 20 years, every president has spent way too much, and it doesn’t matter which party they’re in.

For some reason, a CNN anchor told the truth about the debt in speaking with the Education Secretary, who is a slippery politician. She addressed the trillions in loan forgiveness and the debt.

It’s always shocking when a legacy media personality or reporter tells the truth. There is an agenda when they do. Maybe they know the economy is in dire straits or they want Joe Biden gone.

Whatever the reason, she told the truth here, and people better start contacting their representatives and senators and complain about the spending. We’re heading for financial Armageddon.

Bidenomics is a complete disaster, and the Republican Senators are not doing a thing to stop it.

We have some in Congress fighting for us.



  1. I was wondering how long it would take until this country goes broke. The dam is about to break. Paying illegals thousands each month, sending billions to Ukraine, and spending like a bunch of drunken sailors, etc. Prepare for the worst and pray for the best!


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