The Very Real Hamas Network in the United States


The George Washington University Program on Extremism published a report explaining the history of the Hamas network in the United States.

Mark Levin read portions of it last night on the show, so I am recapping what he said here. Hamas is in the US and has been for decades. They have done a great deal of damage through a nuanced infiltration. Sentinel reported this years ago, but it was called a conspiracy theory even though the Holy Land Foundation trial in 2008 exposed all of it. 

You probably remember that Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton pushed for more power for the Muslim Brotherhood. They pushed for it in Libya, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, and other nations. You must remember the late Mr. Khashoggi. Democrats accused the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia of killing him. Mr Khashoggi was Muslim Brotherhood (MB) and was trying to overthrow the monarchy and have the MB installed. The Muslim Brotherhood is partnered with Hamas. 

The following comes directly from the documents at George Washington University explaining the deep ties and their work in the USA. You can read the document at the link below.

“In the months following the 1987 formation of Hamas, Muslim Brotherhood (MB) branches and offshoots throughout the world activated themselves to assist the newly formed organization.

“According to internal documents released in federal court, in 1988, the head of the Palestine section of the MB in the Middle East traveled to the United States, where he met with fellow Muslim brothers to seek their support.

“The result of the meeting was the formation of the Palestine Committee of the MB in America…

“An October 1992 internal memorandum of the Palestine committee clearly explained the MB’s vision of the Israeli–Palestinian conflict… Palestine is the one for which the Muslim brotherhood prepared armies… made up of the children of Islam in the Arab and Islamic nations to liberate its land from the abomination and the defilement of the children of the Jews, and they watered its pure soil with their honorable blood which sprouted into a Jihad that is continuing until the day of resurrection, and provided a zeal without relenting, making the slogan of its children ‘it is a Jihad for victory or martyrdom’…”

25th anniversary celebration of Hamas, 2012

The document also called on the Committee to increase financial and moral support for Hamas to fight, develop solutions, reject peace, and publicize and focus on the savagery of the Jews.

“Reflecting the structure of Brotherhood organizations, the Committee was comprised of heads of three US-based organizations that have been set up to aid Hamas in Palestine: the general purpose, Islamic Association for Palestine – IAP, the financial arm represented by the Occupied Land Fund, which later became the Holy Land Foundation, and the United Association for Studies and Research – UASR, a think tank.

“These three organizations, each operating in its field but all deeply connected, constituted the public face of the secret structure of the MB/Hamas in America.


“The meeting in Philadelphia was held at a Marriott hotel near the city’s airport. The closed-door meeting was attended by some 20 top leaders of the support network in the United States. Unbeknownst to the participants, the FBI had placed wiretaps inside the hotel, taping most of the conversations that took place behind the doors of the hotel’s conference room. The transcripts of most conversations were introduced as evidence during the HLF trial.”

“Attending the meeting were representatives of the three organizations making up the Palestine Committee. Following a common pattern, most of them were united by blood ties and lived in tight–knit communities in the three American cities that have traditionally hosted the largest clusters of mass supporters: Chicago, Dallas, and Washington DC. Faced with two conflicting needs, the participants opted for a two-pronged approach that differentiated between its internal and external strategies.

“Within the Muslim community, as agreed to by participants, the Committee should maintain its support for Hamas to bring about Palestine Jihad.”

They wanted the goals of the Oslo Peace Accord to fail.


“Fundraising among local Muslim communities was immediately identified as one of the key activities the group should engage in. The newly created Holy Land Foundation, in fact, was to collect funds for Hamas while giving the impression that it was giving them to orphans and needy children…

“At the same time – argued meeting participants – the Committee should have engaged in an extensive effort to educate the American Muslim community, convincing them that the peace accords harmed the Palestinians and that Hamas was the only force worth supporting.


“Several participants argued that the Committee should’ve been particularly active in spreading this message among the youth.

“We don’t want the children of the American Muslim community who are raised here in schools, and in Islamic schools, and non-Islamic schools to grow up surrendering to the issue of peace with Jews,” said one unidentified speaker. “I mean, we don’t want to see in ten years the growing generation in America surrendering to peace with Jews. Therefore, there must be curricular and teaching materials which spread in Islamic schools and then weaken schools.”

Another speaker, Ahmed, argued that the committee should’ve used the annual conferences and the network of Islamic schools run by affiliated organizations… to disseminate books and introduce speakers who could raise awareness over the need to support Hamas. If the internal strategy of the Committee aimed at mobilizing the American Muslim community, the network of Islamic schools run by affiliated organizations… was to disseminate books and introduce speakers who could raise awareness over the need to support Hamas.


“If the internal strategy of the committee aimed at mobilizing the American Muslim community to support Hamas meetings, participants understood that they could also play an important role in the group by influencing American public opinion and policymakers, in particular, stressing the need to increase the Committee’s influence with Congress.

“This can be achieved by infiltrating the American media outlets, universities, and research centers,” the speaker continued, “it is also achieved by working with Islamic political organizations, and the sympathetic ones such as… The American Muslim Alliance, such as the United Muslims of America and MPAC – Muslim, Public Affairs, Council… If Muslims engage in political activism in America and start to be concerned about Congress in public relations — we shall have an entry point to use them to pressure Congress and the decision-makers in America.”

The development of a carefully crafted media strategy, defending Hamas without giving the impression of supporting violence, was deemed to be one of the most important aspects of the Committees, public phase.

They hate America, and they want to take America down.


They discussed the need to broadcast Islamic points of view in the US media.

The media-savvy Awad followed up on Ahmed’s words for the presentation on the media strategy, stressing the importance of “training and qualifying individuals in the branches and the communities on media activism through holding special courses on media” and highlighting the importance of writing op-eds in prominent American newspapers.

US-based mass activists have long used the strategy upon their return to the Middle East.

“In fact, over the last few years, … discussions at the meeting [it was clear] that participants fully understood that, if within the Muslim community, they had decided to openly and unabashedly support Hamas, when dealing with the general public and policymakers, they needed to take a more nuanced approach.”

Levin said he has shared this with American reporters and news outlets, and they don’t care.

Maybe it’s the money they get from these groups. This has been public knowledge since the Holy Land Foundation trial, and it’s now obvious their strategies are working. Whenever anyone gets wise to it, they call them Islamophobes or conspiracy theorists.




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