The View Host Knows One Cause of Hamas’s Attack – Republicans


Sara Haines, the co-host of The View, revealed on Thursday that House Republicans not picking a Speaker invited terrorist attacks in Israel. Watch the clip below.

Can you just see it – terrorists checking the newspapers to see what House Republicans are doing procedurally in the legislature? Then, deciding to attack Israel in the most heinous way possible?

The Daily Caller reported it first. She demonized the entire Republican Party, claiming they spread disinformation and focused on their own divisions rather than responding to the situation in Israel.

We’d like to see Democrats stand up for America and help close the borders the administration has opened. That way, terrorists don’t get through easily. If the administration would put back the 9/11 safeguards, that would be a good start, but that’s for another article.

She told the daytime talk show audience:

“The world is seemingly blowing up right now, and the U.S. looks weak on the world stage because we can’t even name a speaker of the House. And last week, it was kind of amusing; we talked about it here.”

Adding, “We had the ‘McCarthy’s out, Gaetz is enjoying thirty seconds in the sun and Jim Jordan’s your next best option,’ and everything was kind of funny, and then perspective slaps you in the face. And on Saturday after that terrorist attack, I kind of looked at it and thought, you know, this division invites enemies in, and right now, we’re seeing a massive spread of disinformation online as a result of this.”

“And so, this morning, we talked about maybe watching less news. We were all, yesterday, teasing about, like, for our mental health, we need to do that. I would encourage House Republicans to watch more news for perspective,” she said condescendingly.

It’s funny that Khalid Mashal didn’t mention that when he threatened global jihad. You’d think he would if it was that important.

Over 1300 Israelis are dead, and at least 27 are Americans. There are at least 14 American hostages. There were well over 3400 injured. There are about 1200 to 1500 terrorists also killed by IDF. This is a war between a Palestinian terrorist group and Israelis. It couldn’t have less to do with House Republicans.

I would question Democrats’ support of antifa and Black Lives Matter – who have come out in force for radical Palestinians – as a potentially dangerous factor in Hamas’s thinking. Palestinians are supported by the terrorist group Hamas, the violent groups of the Palestinian Authority and Fatah, and the terrorist nation of Iran. It has nothing to do with House Republicans.

It’s more than highly unlikely Hamas cares about House procedural debates.

What does affect the situation in this country and in places like Gaza and Iran is the failed foreign policy of Joe Biden. He has us involved in one war, and now he is meddling in the Middle East situation. Judging from what he’s done in the past, no good will come of it. He fled Afghanistan, surrendering to a terrorist group of Neanderthals, getting U.S. soldiers and innocent Afghans killed, and leaving Americans behind. The world knows that we are short on military equipment for ourselves, and we’re sending it all to Ukraine. Our enemies can count on that. Our president has a perpetually visible mental problem, seemingly dementia or brain damage, to add to his advanced age.

If anything, US and Israeli intelligence fell short. We could have kept at least one base in Afghanistan. It gave us eyes and ears in that entire region and China. Biden abandoned it with billions of dollars worth of equipment and weaponry. China now flies planes out of there.

We have no idea if America influenced this attack. If it did it all, it’s due to the weakness we project on the world stage and in our dealings with Iran, such as giving them $16 billion to add to their budget and releasing them from oil sanctions so they can make $30 billion or more from that, and use it to terrorize Israelis and the world.

Watch The View Co-Host

Having people here supporting Hamas with hate speech and threats might influence them with hate speech.

When you hear the bongos, you know you have the hardcore leftists at the rally. The only way the Democrat Party can be saved is if they go back to banning communist party members.



    • Who is the fool who gives either side any money? The trouble started with Jewish settlers driving Palestinians off their land. Is it really any of our concern?

  1. She is absolutely right. When the US projects strength through strong leaders, the world tends to behave in a more civil manner. Look at world events when Ronald Reagan or Donald Trump were in office. The problem is not with Republicans arguing about the Speakership, the problem is with Biden/Harris and their entire cabal of DEI hires. Our President can not complete a sentence. Our VP cackles inappropriately like a hyena. The military is in drag. Frankly the entire Republican party could show up to Congress in full clown gear, and it would not make the US look weaker than it already does.


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