The View Just Got Dumber


A comedian named Leslie Jones who no one had ever heard of was on The View on Monday, and it was a crazy segment even for The View. She began by saying how smart the panel was – the first warning sign. Then the real zinger came. She thought the “Electorial College,” as she pronounced it, was a kind of super college for politicians to learn how to be politicians.

That’s what she said.

Unfunny comedian Jones joined SNL in 2014. SNL was funny once, back in the 1970s.

The ladies of The View have never been known for being smart and informed, but that memo never got to Leslie. She said she knew they were “all really smart about politics and stuff.”

The ladies thought her joking about her extreme lack of knowledge was hysterical and laughed like what she said was the funniest thing ever.

Jones said she wasn’t into politics until she got to New York.

“Well, honestly, because I just learned about it. When I went to SNL – Okay. Before SNL, just New York, period; you guys are really smart about politics and stuff. Like y’all really are on that. Like California, we’re over there smoking weed, you know, swimming pools, sun tanning. We ain’t really into it, right?

“So, when I got to SNL, there were so many things I listened about that I didn’t even know. Like seriously, the Electorial [sic] College, I didn’t know about that,” she recalled while mispronouncing it. She then admitted: I did think it was a college-college. I thought, you know, people got to go there before they become a politician.”

She’s well into adulthood. How did she get out of school not knowing this basic information?

And she probably votes. Scary.




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