The Vindictive J6 Sentences And What Is Most Troubling


The sentences for January 6 defendants are overly severe, vindictive, and politically driven, but what should be most troubling for Americans is who isn’t charged. Hillary Clinton and Hunter and Joe Biden are allowed to escape punishment. Antifa and Black Lives Matter – groups trying to overturn the government – get their convictions erased. Jim Comey, Andrew McCabe, Peter Strzok, Jake Sullivan, and all the many corrupt people who were never charged.

Obama Judge Amit Mehta, who determines the sentences in many of the J6 cases, lied and suggested “five people would die” due to the riot, suggesting Brian Sicknick died at the hands of the J6 protesters. The only person who died as a result of a homicide was Ashli Babbitt. She was a Trump supporter killed by a trigger-happy Capitol Hill police officer.

Judge Mehta
The Political Convictions and Sentencing

Ken Harrelson, a veteran with no police record, went into the Capitol screaming, “Treason.” He was sentenced to 15 years. Prosecutor Graves said Harrelson was a domestic terrorist. Harrelson (a veteran with no criminal record) is a domestic terrorist for convictions on obstruction, conspiracy to obstruct, and tampering with evidence. 

A Proud Boy was sentenced to 4.5 years in prison yesterday. Joshua Pruitt, 40, pleaded guilty in June to obstruction of an official proceeding after he was caught on video joining a mob pursuing police officers and smashing a sign inside the U.S. Capitol. Two left-wing Capitol Police officers wrote victim impact statements urging U.S. District Judge Timothy J. Kelly to give Pruitt a severe sentence. They were not harmed personally by Pruitt.

NBC News said he stormed the Capitol and showed a photo of him with an “assault rifle.” Pruitt didn’t storm, and he was unarmed.

Alcohol did play a role, according to Pruitt and his attorney. He had been drinking heavily six hours before.

NBC said he “nearly” came close to Chuck Schumer. They also noted that his texts about storming the Capitol went to others who would likely be arrested.

Joshua Pruitt, 40, pleaded guilty in June to obstruction of an official proceeding after he was caught on video joining a mob pursuing police officers and smashing a sign inside the U.S. Capitol. Two U.S. Capitol Police officers wrote victim impact statements urging U.S. District Judge Timothy J. Kelly to give Pruitt a severe sentence.

The officers are left-wingers who have appeared on TV.

The Life Sentences

Stewart Rhodes and Kelly Meggs got 18 and 12 years, respectively, for seditious conspiracy and other trumped-up charges. Both men are in their 50s. Rhodes is 58 and could well die in prison. Meggs will be a senior citizen when he gets out. It’s a life sentence for Rhodes. He didn’t even go into the Capitol but coordinated.

Judge Mehta, who sentenced Stewart Rhodes and Kelly Meggs, is corrupt. Mehta refused to move trials out of DC or delay trials even as the fascist Jan. 6 committee held nationally televised hearings blaming the Oath Keepers for “attacking” the Capitol. That was completely untrue.

Richard Barnett, who got 54 months put his feet on Nancy Pelosi’s desk. He took a letter for a photo op and returned it.

Nearly 70-year-old vet Tom Caldwell got 14 years. It’s a life sentence for obstructing their meeting and tampering with evidence. The prosecutor, Matthew Graves, gave him an enhancement of terrorism for “conduct – calculated to stop the peaceful transfer of Presidential power for the first time in the nation’s history – is a quintessential example of an intent to influence government conduct through intimidation or coercion and warrants an upward departure to Note 4…punish more harshly than other criminals those whose wrongs served an end more terrible than other crimes.” [He allegedly had staged some kind of weapons nearby]

The Transgender Biden Doesn’t Like

Jessica Watkins got 18 years and is the only transgender in America the Biden regime won’t defend. She was convicted of two conspiracy charges, one charge of obstruction and one for interfering with law enforcement conviction. Jessica was acquitted of seditious conspiracy but got the same sentence as if she were convicted.

I believe none of these people had police records.


A man named William Whitaker got 18 years for killing a person.

Monster Jacob Doktor only got 11 years for the sexual abuse of a 2-year-old.

A 10-year sentence for a serial armed carjacker, Daron Cottingham, who sent police on a wild chase, was reduced to eight years under the “Youth Rehabilitation Act,” even though he was 20 years of age at the time.

The majority of criminals are never charged.

The Big Questions

Will the lunatics in DC charge Donald Trump with seditious conspiracy? Was this a message to everyone on the Right – don’t you dare protest?




  1. The severe sentences are a warning to all Americans that if you F with the government, they will come down on you with all their might.

  2. The J6 Trials are waking people up to the fact the The US Government is their Enemy. The reason the FBI is now spending ALL it’s time on “Domestic Terrorism” is because they Deep State Bureaucracy knows The People have gone underground and will take out the Bureaucrat run Government with Malice if they are forced to. The FBI is now beginning to realize that there a Patriots behind every Tree outside the Beltway and the Beltway is the only place they have any real control.

    More and more counties are not working with the Federal Government, we see this in proclamations of 2nd Amendment Sanctuary Counties. They are now 60% of American Counties and growing. There are also 17 States. This is also leading to Laws prohibiting Federal “Agents” from just showing up at people’s doorsteps without a Warrant. More States are also reviewing “No Knock Warrants” and home rule.

    What is very telling is that that only 4 States and DC don’t allow open carry. Many States don’t need a 2nd Amendment Sanctuary Law because the already have Statewide open/conceal carry anyway. The less than 10% of States without open carry show just how out of step their thinking is. They are also States with out of control crime. They are large States with a lot of rules and a Strong Liberal influence, i.e California, New York, Florida, and Illinois. The Laws in DC just show how scared the Government really is of the Armed Citizen. Since the population of DC is so Liberal and so scared, they are willing to hand out Kangaroo Court Verdicts.

  3. “…stood before a jury, Every constitutional provision afforded them”
    F. Matt Gaetz. I really thought He was a Republican who one could trust. Just another Trey Gowdy, Jim Jordan. After the past number of years, in all that I’ve seen and read I have come to the point of really hating this country. There isn’t a single person in DC worth paying any heed to. So I guess previous statements by Gaetz was nothing but a damn con job. Go To Hell, Gaetz. Maybe next time they Will take you down, and I will smile.

    • He sounded like Trey Gowdy who said surely a prosecutor wouldn’t be political. He makes statements such as this without ever bothering to analyze the case. I’m sure this will make him “good with the DC establishment”.

      He calls himself a “firebrand”. Well, clearly that is just for show so the peons “think and believe” he is on “your side”.


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