The War Against the Migrants Is in Staten Island, New York


The people in Staten Island, New York, are trying to fight against the illegal aliens Mayor Adams is pouring into the county. Instead of demanding the borders would be closed, Mayor Adams is spreading the burden to a Republican County of New York City.

You wouldn’t believe the type of people that are coming in. So many of them are scary. It’s not safe to have them in neighborhoods or anywhere. They need to go home.

Americans aren’t reacting, and it’s hard to understand why. This shouldn’t be partisan. No one is bigoted against the entire world. That is absolutely ridiculous. We have no borders, and we don’t know who these people are. We no longer have a country.

The country is probably already ruined, judging from the quality of people I’ve seen, but we have to keep fighting.

Curtis Sliwa and the gentleman in the clip below have been fighting this. The man in the clip uses some rough language, but what he says about Mayor Adams is true. He is a racist dirtbag.

The people in Staten Island won a court case to keep the illegal aliens out, but then the mayor went back to court and won.

Democrats are also eyeing property out in West Hampton Beach to place more illegal aliens. It’s a Republican area. I’d rather see them go to Georgica Pond behind Tom Hanks’s mansion, but that will never happen. They put the people in middle class and poor areas because they don’t have much power to resist.

Curtis Sliwa said that he would be arrested on Sunday in front of the mayor’s house. It will be his 80th arrest. He managed not to get arrested the other day at Gil Hodges Bridge.

Rough Transcript from the Clip Below

“Sometimes victory is short-lived—a victory, nevertheless, whatever. You are soon going to know, and I’m going to tell you right now, this scumbag, racist scum New York City ***** ** **** mayor just appealed the decision our victorious decision earlier… but that’s it. They overturned the decision, which means that these migrants will be coming back to Saint John Villa [closed Catholic School], Ground Zero.

“This New York City battle against these migrants, illegal migrants, the joy I had earlier, you saw it in my face, now the pain once again. What do we do? All I know is to tell you people to keep fighting, and you’ve been growing and fighting.

“I’ll come back here tonight. Fight some more. Come on down Sunday at 2:00 PM in front of Gracie mansion. The mayor’s home. We are going to congregate … it started right here on Staten Island. We won, and they took off flag down, but we put that ************ right back up. So you come on down here. This is the biggest ****** war in this country right now.

“…come here and get to Gracie mansion this Sunday at 2:00 PM.”




  1. yeah and don’t believe ONE WORD of what the NYPOST writes about the issue either. The fake conservative low-level media site pretends to be anti-illegals and blames Joe Biden, the NYC mayor and the NY governor Hochul woman for the illegal infestation. Fact is they all slyly promote the illegals behind the scenes especially since the withered old goat, NYPOST owner, and CommieChina banks money-taker Rupert Murdoch is slyly assisting Biden with letting the illegals in at every US opening. And not for one US second believe that Joe Biden is pro-illegals—he’s not. He hates them as a true KKK racist does and needs them as his human shields and mega distractions from his and family’s criminal activities.


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