The Worst Case Scenario When Mr. Trump Is Booked in Georgia


Donald Trump now faces 91 charges and 700 years in prison, 41 in Georgia alone. He and 18 other co-defendants will be booked at a jail under investigation for conditions so bad and so filthy that a prisoner died from bed bug bites in his sleep. The sheriff responsible for that man’s death has promised to take President Trump’s mugshot. Trump could be held in a cell for hours, but it gets worse.


The other possibility, hopefully remote, is the judge in Fulton County could order President Trump and the other 18 co-defendants held until trial.

It would send shockwaves through the nation. If they do that, they are asking for war.

President Trump is a billionaire who has his own plane and liquid assets. He could be considered a flight risk in a Fulton County judge’s opinion. It’s hard to imagine there is a normal judge in Fulton County.

You can imagine what a disaster that would be.

The defendants have to turn themselves in by August 25th and face counts that all focus on violating their right to contest an election.



  1. They will push it as far as they can. They love to humiliate Trump and America First people. There has to be input coming from DC. The state and county are run by Trump haters.


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