There’s Evidence 60% of Act Blue’s Donations Come From China


Recently, James O’Keefe exposed a grift where people are listed as donating far more to Act Blue than they did. It was done without their permission, and most people affected are elderly. There is new information. Evidence shows that over 60% of the money comes from China.

Transcript of the Clip Below

“The FCC investigation into money apparently laundered from various addresses through Act Blue Election Watch will be filing a complaint with the FEC in DC over the discrepancies and apparent fraud that has taken place with all these donations, many of which are done through the home addresses of the elderly.”

“Election Watch will file the complaint with the FEC, wait the required 120 days, and then file a lawsuit in the Northern District of Virginia.

“Now included in that lawsuit will be evidence that over 60% of the money involved in this is apparently coming from China. The ACLU is feeding a lot of money to other PACs, like Emily’s List, Color of Change PAC, just to name a few.

“Much of this information through Election Watch came from Internet tracing. Internet traffic patterns looking at where the transactions are coming from and where they’re going to. “Based upon these traffic flow patterns, you can actually see what’s happening.

“There is also receipts of a large amount of monies on the FCC website to financial processors like Amalgamated Bank, particularly the Washington DC branch of an automated bank.

“One of the institutions making many of these transactions. Dibi is also named. They’re a debit card processor out of Utah.

“There’s large amounts of money going through that. Much of this will be included in the lawsuit, but many questions remain unanswered. We hope this army of citizen journalists watching through OMG will find those answers.”


Data shows that half of 2019 donations to ActBlue came from untraceable ‘unemployed’ donors.

Two months before the election, intelligence told us China, Russia, and Iran were trying to interfere in our elections. While this is going on, the secretive ActBlue, which funds violent movements like BLM, is taking half of its donations from untraceable, unemployed donors.

ActBlue claims the donations are from retirees, but that’s not their voting base.

Data harvested by the Take Back Action Fund and obtained exclusively by Fox News has identified the dangerous loophole in the Democrat fundraising arm, ActBlue.

The donors — half of ActBlue’s donors — claim they are unemployed. Yet they have plenty of money to donate.



  1. The USA is an incredibly corrupt nation. If ActBlue is Red China funded, the feds are aware of it, making them complicit. Our DOJ is complicit in nationwide riots, election coups, massive criminal coverups, political persecutions, Wuhan funding, Chinese spies, and more.

    Entities looking to influence the corrupt USA through bribes can find ways to do that. We have officials up the chain taking money.


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