This Charge Against Trump Is All In the Details


One of the 90 charges against Donald Trump is his alleged effort to delay and disrupt a joint session of Congress, but it’s all in the details. They added some interesting wording to the charge. The complaint claims that when Mike Pence refused, Donald Trump allegedly told Pence that he “would go down as a wimp” and that Pence was “not protecting the United States.”

“This was an overt act in furtherance of the conspiracy,” the charge reads.

The way I read the charge is that Donald Trump insulted Pence because he believed he was “not protecting the United States,” which is a crime? [sarcasm]

What if Pence is a wimp?

What say you?



  1. Pence is a wimp who failed to protect the USA, look at the results.

    The Act 140 seems to be written by a rookie dramatist.

    Juries of ghetto people and leftists, people without principle or reasoning, will easily convict Trump based on fiction.

  2. This whole kerfuffle illustrates why the US government is failing.
    Children fighting in a sand box over who get the truck with only three wheels.

    The only answer is strong leaders like Trump and the good governors in SD AK and VA (count in the Lt. governor). Probably should add Kari Lake to the list, and of curse there are many others.


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