This Is Why Joe Manchin Might Leave the Democrat Party


Joe Manchin is seriously considering running as an Independent against Joe Biden in a third-party presidential campaign. As we reported yesterday, he’s looking to leave the Democrat Party and become an Independent. Now, we know why.

It seems like a waste of time since, according to the latest polls, he is the second-most unpopular senator.

Senator Manchin is skipping the White House event celebrating the inflation reduction act which he himself co-sponsored with Chuck Schumer. At the time he knew they would not abide promises regarding fossil fuels. He also knew it would cause inflation. He had to know. Everyone knew.

“The decision by Sen. Joe Manchin of West Virginia to skip the White House’s campaign-style affair highlighting the climate and health spending law he helped write — and name — is just the latest sign of an increasingly fraught relationship between Manchin, a conservative Democrat, and the Biden administration,” writes Memoli and Tsirkin at NBC News.

Is that it or is he trying desperately to separate himself from the bill he created, betraying a lot of people to do it?

Joe Manchin at an anti-Sec. DeVos rally.
NBC News:

Manchin is openly flirting with a third-party run for the presidency in 2024, a move that could upend Biden’s prospects of winning re-election. Even if Manchin doesn’t take that controversial step, he is already trying to demonstrate greater independence from the White House ahead of another possible Senate run in his deeply Republican state. And Thursday, he said he is “absolutely” considering changing his party affiliation from Democrat to independent.

“I’ve been thinking about that for quite some time,” he told a West Virginia radio host.


A senior White House official downplayed the significance of Manchin’s absence at next week’s Inflation Reduction Act event, noting it was taking place during a congressional recess. But his absence is a stark contrast to the White House bill signing ceremony last year, which also took place during a congressional recess. Manchin was featured prominently at that event, and in a gesture acknowledging how central he was to the legislation’s passage, Biden gave him the pen he used to put his signature on it.

Manchin was quick to boast and promote the bill until he realized people were on to him and the bill. More from NBC:

Still, Manchin underscored the tension between his political ambitions and the president’s in a statement about the Inflation Reduction Act’s anniversary. He praised the law as “one of the most historic pieces of legislation passed in decades” and said it’s having an impact in his state. But he also vowed to “continue to fight the Biden administration’s unrelenting efforts to manipulate the law to push their radical climate agenda at the expense of both our energy and fiscal security.”

Manchin will pull some votes from Joe Biden. The presidential election will be a circus with a brain-damaged communist candidate and another freedom-loving candidate possibly in prison for “illegally” lying.



  1. Manchin makes lots of noise, gets melodramatic, then always makes a fool of himself. He is the underdog next year for the WV senate race. But of course Mitch and his RINO gang will not assist Manchin’s conservative opponent. My hunch is he wins again next year due to assistance from the RINOs and cheating.

    He is not genuine. He knew the bill was very unpopular and seriously flawed. He knew the promises would not be kept. But he supported it in another one of his incredible reversals. Now he has this fake outrage which he claims will motivate him to run against Biden or leave the party. If he left the party, he would still vote with them. He is deceptive.


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