This Might Be Why Joe Biden Missed 9/11 Ceremonies


Photo ttaken 9/21/01

by Mark Schwendau

Americans can have short memories. Two years ago, about 1,800 family members, first responders, and others connected to the September 11, 2001 events sent President Joe Biden a clear message. That message was that if he did not follow through on a campaign promise of transparency in releasing both top secret and confidential documents related to the events in both New York City and Washington, D.C., of 9/11, he would not be welcome to participate in any way remembrance ceremonies honoring the dead of that most dreadful day in American history since the attack on Pearl Harbor.

That could explain the attendance by Vice President Kamala Harris at the 9/11 Memorial Pools in New York City for the reading of the names of the victims today.

From the White House on September 3, 2021, two years ago by Joe Biden:

“When I ran for president, I made a commitment to ensuring transparency regarding the declassification of documents on the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks on America.

“As we approach the 20th anniversary of that tragic day, I am honoring that commitment. Today, I signed an executive order directing the Department of Justice and other relevant agencies to oversee a declassification review of documents related to the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s September 11th investigations. The executive order requires the Attorney General to release the declassified documents publicly over the next six months.

“We must never forget the enduring pain of the families and loved ones of the 2,977 innocent people who were killed during the worst terrorist attack on America in our history. For them, it was not only a national and international tragedy. It was a personal devastation. For 20 years, children have grown up without parents, and parents have suffered without children. Husbands and wives have had to find a way forward without their partners in life. Brothers and sisters, uncles and aunts, loved ones, and friends have celebrated 20 years of birthdays, family gatherings, and milestones, looking at an empty chair at homes and with a hole in their hearts.

“My heart continues to be with the 9/11 families who are suffering, and my Administration will continue to engage respectfully with members of this community. I welcome their voices and insight as we chart a way forward.”

It has been two years, and nothing happened. Why?

Rumors have it that members of the Royal Family of Saudi Arabia had prior knowledge of the attack before it happened. Heads of governments of other countries are rumored to have prior knowledge as well. Indeed, somebody gave the intelligence community of the then-second George Bush Administration a heads-up before 9-11-2001 that something big was in the winds. What the intel community did with that information is not known.

Also, trillions of dollars somehow miraculously went missing from our government. The fake fact-checkers have worked overtime to label this claim FALSE, but those of us with eyes and ears remember processing with our brains what came out on September 10, 2001, as noted by Just Facts.Vote

Whatever happened to that $2.3 trillion anyway?

Biden continued:

“Many of us remembered that on September 10, 2001, Donald Rumsfeld (then Secretary of Defense) made the shocking announcement that the Pentagon ‘couldn’t track’ $2.3 trillion of its transactions. ‘Iroquois’ observes, ‘What’s interesting to me is that he made his press release on a Monday. In DC, I always see bad news given on a Friday, usually late in the afternoon on Friday. The exception, of course, would be when someone happens to know that there is a far bigger story coming out.’”


My father was a full-time fireman/paramedic. He passed away in 2011 of old age at the ripe old age of 84 after a good life in retirement. You can imagine our family’s shock when the pastor presiding over his funeral service reflected on a day in the fall of 2001 when my father came to the pastor’s office and wound up crying like a baby over the loss of his fellow firefighters in the destruction of the World Trade Center of 9/11.

I never saw my father cry, not even when his father passed away. You can imagine my shock and devastation at this revelation about my father. They say firefighters have two families just as they have two beds to sleep in at night. They say firefighter’s families are all part of one big family. As such, I also want answers from our government and Joe Biden!

It is time.

Van Schaick Cottage in Cohoes, New York, 9/12/01

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Mark S. Schwendau is a retired technology professor who has always had a sideline in news-editorial writing where his byline has been, “Bringing little known news to people who simply want to know the truth.”  He is a Christian conservative whom God cast to be a realist.  His website is www.IDrawIWrite.Tech.




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