This State Wants Residents to House Unvetted Illegal Crossers


NYC Mayor Eric Adams suggested residents could let illegal crossers live in their spare rooms, but no one was interested, and he dropped it quickly. A similar suggestion was made in California. As it is, California has allowed squatters to take over private property.

Now Massachusetts officials are trying the same thing. They want residents they call hosts to provide a room or apartment to these unvetted strangers for a few days until longer-term housing can be found.

A significant portion of the families in need of housing in the state are new immigrants – illegal immigrants.

Many of those arriving in Boston have fled violence in Haiti and traveled through other states before coming to Massachusetts, reports WBUR.

The state is currently paying for nearly 40 hotels and motels across the state to house new arrivals — at taxpayers’ expense. Today, about 316,000 illegal aliens reside in Massachusetts.

These crackpot officials are replacing us with unvetted foreigners at our expense, and now they want us to put them up in our homes.

Remember when the rich white people on Martha’s Vineyard deported the ones sent from Florida within two days? Where are they on this issue? Are they going to take them in?

All Democrats should take them in, especially rich Democrats with spare rooms in their mansions.



  1. From the sublime to the ridiculous!!! YES!!! The Demoncraps should take them ALL in…starting with those in the White House – or is that ‘racist’???


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