Topless Crossdressers at the White House Pride Event


Topless crossdressers acted badly at the administration’s LGBTQIA2SSAA+ Pride event. It was an obscene desecration of the People’s House. Can we stop pretending this is all normal.

The administration had the ridiculous Pride flag hanging from the center on the portico, flanked by the US flags at the same height. That is a disgrace. Remember when Americans were horrified by descecration of the flag?

Now you can burn the US flag because it’s a person’s free speech right, but it’s a hate crime to burn a flag representing non-existent genders and sexual demonstrations.

The administration is deliberately stirring up chaos, discord, and hate. They want traditional Americans to lose it.



  1. Jesus had something to say:
    (Matthew 19:4) Have ye not read, that he which made them at the beginning made them male and female….

    Clothes, makeup, synthetic hormones, fantasizing, or sex change surgeries don’t make anyone a male or female.

    Biological facts: XX & XY, not LGBTQIA2SSAA+.

  2. US society and culture is rapidly being destroyed.

    There will not be a word from the RINOs. That indicates complacency. They are also enemies.

    The left has taken over, and they are flaunting it.

  3. The white house no longer symbolizes strength. These perverts need to be rounded up and tossed into prison and stripped of any benefits afforded to them by our generous government.

  4. Tying to make the sick/anormal into the norm.
    Great accomplishment, Mr. President.
    You have earned your place in history.
    We proudly salute you. 
    Can things get any crazier? With Biden/Harris is is almost guaranteed.


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