Trudeau’s Party Will Allow the State to Euthanize the Mentally Ill


Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Liberal Party voted down a bill Wednesday that would have barred the state from euthanizing mentally ill Canadians, reports Blaze news. There is nothing now standing in the way of those who have mental disorders – including the depressed with suicidal ideation – from having the state put them down. The patient will have a say, but usually one waits until there is some recovery.

The new liberal or progressive has little regard for human life.

Conservative lawmaker Ed Fast put through bill C-314 in the hopes of controlling this, but he couldn’t get it through. His bill would have provided vulnerable citizens with suicide prevention counseling rather than extermination.

The Canadian Liberal Party is the same party that lauded at least two Nazis within the last few years.

Every conservative in the parliament tried to save the mentally ill from this law. The socialist new Democrat party voted unanimously with the conservatives.

The Canadian Association for Suicide Prevention and the Society of Canadian Psychiatry noted that there are alternative treatments for mental illness besides death. There are also concerns that patients with mental illness can’t necessarily provide informed consent for euthanasia.

Blaze News reported previously that in 2022, 7% of all deaths in the province of Quebec, known as the world’s euthanasia capital, were the result of euthanasia. Out of 3,663 state-facilitated suicides, 15 were not in accordance with the law. That strikes one as inherently dangerous for people who might benefit from the person’s death.



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