Trump Co-Defendant Held in Fulton County Jail Without Bond


Daily Mail reports that the former director of Black Voices for Trump, Harrison Floyd, was the first of the 19 Fulton County defendants to be held in jail without bond. The jail is described by media as the worst in Georgia. The media says it’s filthy.

Floyd, 39, turned himself into the Fulton County, Georgia jail Thursday afternoon after District Attorney Fani Willis gave former President Donald Trump and the other alleged 18 co-conspirators in her election interference case until noon on Friday to show up.

He didn’t negotiate a bond because it was more money than he could give. He has a wife and child to support. So he remains in custody after being charged with racketeering, and conspiracy to solicit false statements, and influencing witnesses. This is the case of Ruby Freeman and her daughter Shaye Moss.

Floyd surrendered just hours before Trump prepared to turn himself in and braced to become the first former president in history to pose for a mugshot. Democrats are on a mission.

Trump’s former chief of staff and former Representative, Mark Meadows, surrendered in Georgia on Thursday and was released on a $100,000 bond.


Earlier this year, Floyd was charged with attacking an FBI agent who was working on Special Counsel Jack Smith’s parallel probe into 2020 election interference by Trump and his allies, The Washington Post reported Wednesday. In the clip below, the WaPo article is described as a hit piece.

An affidavit says Floyd body-slammed an agent who arrived at his Rockville, Maryland, home to subpoena him to appear before a federal grand jury in Washington, D.C.

‘WHO THE F*** DO YOU THINK YOU ARE,’ Floyd allegedly screamed, the affidavit says, describing that Floyd was standing “chest to chest” with the agent after knocking him backward with his body.

Mr. Floyd said he didn’t body slam the agent. According to Mr. Floyd, the agent tried to trip him.

Shaye Moss and Ruby Freeman

In Georgia, Floyd is accused – alongside Stephen Cliffgard Lee, a police chaplain, and Trevian Kutti, Kanye West’s former publicist – of pressuring poll worker Ruby Freeman into saying she committed election fraud.

Freeman and her daughter Shaye Moss, who gave testimony to the House select committee on January 6 while tearing up, were the subjects of an alleged conspiracy theory that Trump and his allies reported.

Freeman and Moss were accused of pulling phony mail-in ballots from suitcases while tabulating the count on Election Day at Atlanta’s State Farm Arena. They were allegedly never investigated.

Here is the other version of the story:



  1. This same Affirmative Action prosecutor releases black murderers and criminals with no jail time or bail. Of course most (all) of them aren’t Trump supporters. I hope she enjoys her time in prison when we get our country back.

  2. Why is there bail instead of ROR? This is to punish him before he gets his kangaroo court trial. Our justice system is controlled by rat-bastard,communist inspired,pieces of schiff that need to hang. Bad things are coming down the road. Better lock and load and watch your back!

  3. I really don’t know much about setting up a go-fund page but, if someone did I would certainly contribute to help Harrison Floyd with his bail. I’m a white conservative and his race doesn’t matter to me. It’s a terrible injustice happening to him and the rest of the defendants.

  4. Besides their blatant RACISM, picking the only poor black person!!! They have picked out who they believe they can get to ‘flip’ on President Trump. All these traitors to the US Constitution should do a little research into what happened to the scoundrels doing these types things before the American and French Revolutions, especially France. It didn’t end well for all the Fanis and Jack Smiths, etc. too long a list. I sure hope they hold on to their heads after this! One thing I am sure about is, they will live to regret their communist ways!

  5. This whole thing would have made Stalin proud and that is who these dem bastards are communists and they are going to get Trump and anyone who is a supporter This is right out of the communist play book and if they are not stopped it will be the end of this country. That is what these dirty communist bastards have planned Joe the Sniff Bribeme is a communist and has always been one hiding behind the Catholic church he is no more Catholic than Stalin himself. MAGA

    • The pope is a communist too. I was baptized a Methodist. It seems all our churches have been taken over by commies and perverts just like the commies said they were going to do. They control our schools also,pushing perversion and racial guilt nonsense on innocent children. We have allowed our government to become worse than anything the USSR or the Nazis were. Time to wake up and pick a side..

  6. Sure. The black guy get’s no bond. Why? Because he is off of the plantation. White people can hold different opinions. But not a black guy. They send the sl*v* catcher out to bring you back.

  7. So Floyd is accused of encourging someone who may have committed a crime to turn themself in?
    Thanks for the reporting. This show has a lot of subplots. The coordinated efforts in multiple jurisdictions reeks of forethought.

    • This is actual collusion, to support a criminal enterprise ,being run by government employees. These actions are what RICO charges are supposed to be used for. Look at her communications to see who she really works for. Probably already bleach-bit everything that couldn’t be destroyed with hammers. Evil,corrupt and immoral people with zero respect for the law or American values.


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