Trump Donor’s Family Died in the Wayward Plane Crash


A Donald Trump donor’s family died in the wayward plane crash yesterday in Virginia. The plane’s path over the White House led to jets scrambling out of DC. Four people were inside the Cessna aircraft at the time, and no survivors were found at the crash site, Virginia state police said.

The jets flew at a height that caused sonic booms. People on the ground thought they were hearing explosions.

The plane, seemingly on autopilot, flew over MacArthur Airport on Long Island, didn’t land, and then headed for the Capitol, wandering off again into Virginia until it crashed in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

When the jets flew alongside the plane, it looked like the pilot was unconscious. When efforts were made to contact him, he was unresponsive.

The donor is an NRA executive.

John Rumpel, the Florida businessman who runs the company, told The New York Times that his daughter, age 49, his two-year-old granddaughter, her nanny, and the pilot were aboard the plane.

Mr. Rumpel, a pilot, told the newspaper he had not received much information from authorities but hoped his family didn’t suffer and suggested the plane could have lost pressure in the cabin.

He said they were returning to their home in East Hampton, on Long Island, after visiting his house in North Carolina.

Barbara Rumpel, a businesswoman, and member of the NRA Women’s Leadership Forum from Florida, confirmed the news on Facebook Sunday after the small plane went down in the mountainous region of Virginia.

‘My family is gone, my daughter and granddaughter,’ Rumpel wrote in a Facebook comment.

That is heartbreaking.



  1. Barbara Rumpel had donated a quarter million dollars to a PAC that supported Trump…could be coincidence…could be foul play…

  2. How come these weird coincidental/accidental deaths seem to ONLY happen to the politically right! Come to think of it; same with politically right whistle blowers!

  3. Coincidence? Doubtful. Sure, they all fell asleep. It’s about as believable as the whistleblower’s life is in danger, only at the hands of government.


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