Read the Trump Federal Indictment – 38 Counts, 31 Felonies, 100 Years in Prison


Jack Smith, out to get Trump with eight secret court cases. He is an Eric Holder plant.

There are 38 counts in the indictment of Donald Trump, including espionage because he kept secret documents [like Biden, Obama, and others. Hillary destroyed hers with Bleach Bit, smashing a phone, and so on]. There is also a conspiracy charge.

The breakdown: 31 of the charges are espionage. He is facing up to 100 years in a federal prison.

Of the 38 counts:

  • 1-31 Willful retention of national defense info
  • 32: Conspiracy to obstruct justice
  • 33: Withholding records
  • 34-35: Corruptly concealing documents
  • 36: Scheme to conceal
  • 37-38: false statements

Read the 49-page federal indictment of Donald J. Trump here or here or below.

J.D. Vance said it’s over very petty things.

Fake Republican from the blue state of Utah betrays the party once again:

This morning left-wing Geraldo Rivera ripped the Justice Department Friday over the indictment of former President Donald Trump, comparing the documents involved to an “overdue library book.”

“It was dumb, it was arrogant, and it was borderline illegal; what it was not is appropriate as the basis for a seven-count federal indictment of the former president of the United States for the first time in the history of our republic,” Rivera told “Fox and Friends” co-host Steve Doocy. “This is like when you didn’t give your library book back; are you going to send in the cops to comply with [returning it] to the National Archives?”

“It really is preposterous, and I’m very upset about it,” Rivera continued. “I think that it is an attempt, whether conscious or unconscious, to affect the election of 2024.”


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  1. Many good comments already, but the main issue has not been directly addressed: Can the Republic be salvaged, and if so how?
    Mainly Latin American countries are effectively under the control of criminal drug cartels. Salvaging them will be difficult. Now it is clear that the United States has also fallen under the control of a vast criminal conspiracy that effectively ignores the constitution. Short of the hell of a civil war, how can constitutional government be restored. Even as Russia has been under the control of people like Putin and his ilk for over 100 years, will the USA (assuming it does not disintegrate) face the same fate?

  2. I held a TS with BI/F in the USMC. I was in charge of safe guarding the Nuclear codes. I was required to attend schools for the knowledge of how to handle the docs. When Handling TS docs I carried a loaded 45. I also know the president has FULL authority (via the classes) to declass any and all docs he sees fit.

    Obamass has supposly 3 million docs and bolshevik biden docs are scattered all over the place.

    Since this is NOT my opinion, but actual fact from the schooling I was taught their grounds are moot

  3. How in the Damn Hell can they call this a conspiracy to withhold documents when they were moved to a storage location and THEN escorted the FBI to THAT location of those said documents. It sounds a hell of a lot like compliance.

  4. The document states Trump removed documents after leaving office. There were reports and video showing boxes being moved While he was still President. Therefore, from the very beginning there is a conflict of facts.


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