Trump Judge Uses a “Tool” When He Disagrees with the Jury


Donald Trump’s Judge Engoron might have a history of confusion as to what his role should be. In one clip circulating on the Internet, New York District Judge Arthur Engoron told college students that he has a tool for juries who get it wrong as he sees it. He’s the tool, but says the tool is “judgment notwithstanding the verdict.”

“I’ve had situations where I’m like, oh my… heaven’s sake, how could they have thought that? Well, I have a tool that I can deal with that. It’s called… judgment notwithstanding the verdict. I can say there is no possible way that a reasonable jury would have reached that conclusion,” Engoron explained, indicating he has the prerogative to disregard a jury’s findings when he wishes.

It’s not hard to understand wanting to interfere with a jury’s verdict, but he hopefully uses it rarely.

“I’m an impartial referee, but it’s hard to factor out my own emotions,” he said. Maybe that’s why he reversed himself from day 1 to day 2.

Judge Engoron was unprofessional during the first day of President Trump’s real estate trial. He laughed and posed. The prosecutors thought it was all quite funny. Meanwhile, they were talking about taking away everything Donald Trump and his family worked for with fake assessments they came up with.

President Trump blasted Judge Engoron, Letitia James, and the witch hunt against him with 91 charges. He’s fighting the absurd assessment of Mar-a-Lago for $18 million.

The Judge wants people to stop saying he assessed Mar-a-Lago at $18-$27 million. That appraisal came from one Palm Beach appraiser. Engoron rejected Trump’s appraiser’s assessment evaluating Mar-a-Lago at $1.5 billion. However, he could have had a court appoint an appraiser. Instead, he revoked all of the Trump family’s business licenses.

There are no injured parties in this case of Trump allegedly defrauding banks. No one feels defrauded, and they all made money.



  1. How can it be worth 18 million when a house with 6000 sq. ft. is valued at 40 million, and Mar-a-Lago is more than 10 times that size.


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