Trump’s Attorneys Must Answer the Court Order Before Monday


Lawyers representing former President Donald Trump issued a court filing requesting a federal judge to grant the legal team a three-day extension to respond to a protective order filed by the Justice Department that would block the former president from sharing details of evidence from his Jan. 6 criminal case proceedings.

Judge Chutkan

The request was filed Saturday afternoon shortly after Judge Tanya Chutkan ruled Trump’s legal team must respond to the special counsel’s motion by Monday at 5 p.m.

That order came in response to a court filing by the Justice Department at about 10 p.m. on Friday. Smith used the President’s Truth Social post as an excuse.


He stated that the former president may improperly share details about his latest criminal proceedings.

The DOJ leaks continuously, but that’s okay. They don’t want any competition for their target – Donald Trump.

“Friday evening ultimatums, given by the government before even calling the defense counsel, are wholly unproductive and undermine the potential for a party-driven resolution,” the defense team wrote. “Requiring a Monday response to a Friday evening motion likewise forecloses the possibility of agreement and would encourage such improper tactics by the government in the future.”

If Trump’s team challenges the protective order, the former president’s lawyers must file a revised version of the order and hand it over to Chutkan ahead of the deadline.

Maybe I’m wrong, but the fact that she is taking this so seriously is a bad sign for how she’s going to rule. She is giving him little time to write the response, and it’s a weekend.



  1. Trump has no chance, he will not be allowed to defend himself, just like Flynn, Jones, the J6 people. A jury of ghetto people and leftists will convict him.

  2. She is the judge who gave LONGER sentences than the prosecutors asked for Janurary 6 protesters.

    She is NOT impartial, she is NOT fair, she is TYRANNICAL.

    She gave them what is often called cruel and unusual punishment.

    not that Wikipedia is the best source but on this their definition is correct,

    ” … The precise definition varies by jurisdiction, but typically includes punishments that are arbitrary, unnecessary, overly severe compared to the crime, or not generally accepted in society. …

    Cruel and unusual punishment is a phrase in common law describing punishment that is considered unacceptable due to the suffering, pain, or humiliation it inflicts on the person subjected to the sanction … “

    • Based on how she treated the Jan6ers, she will treat Trump with utter harshness and cruelty.

      Which is why she is the one Democrats chose.

  3.  I have no doubt that the vermin placed on the bench by Obama will issue this order. It will now be incumbent on our press to obtain this information and to publish it. All that it takes is an attorney with the balls to reveal it and then take a brief vacation abroad until Trump is inaugurated on January 20, 2025. No point in allowing this attorney to be held in contempt and imprisoned. He/She can effectively continue to perform work from a comfortable place abroad.  Political amnesty can be obtained easily in Mexico as one of many examples. 

  4. I must have slept through the past few years. Since when did the ifs, maybes, and mights become the legal standard for deciding to withhold evidence from a defendant?

  5. Now, we have a situation where the defendant is denied access to the evidence compiled against him. I expect this will be appealed and will be resolved by SCOTUS in Trump’s favor. This will take months winding through the courts. It also provides further support for a change of venue and recusal motions. As for the evidence all that is required is an ambitious young attorney with an eidetic memory to review the documents, leak them, and then take a leave of absence abroad until after January 20, 2025, when Trump can pardon him or her and appoint him to a high position in the DOJ.


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