Tucker Addresses the Arrest of Donald Trump


The arrest of Donald Trump was always going to happen, Tucker said in Episode 3 of Tucker on Twitter. Tucker said they want to imprison him for the rest of his life.

Tucker addressed the wars and then pinpointed the exact moment DC decided to destroy him.

“No dissent is allowed. That’s the first rule of Washington, but somehow Trump didn’t bother to follow it. He is from out of town. So maybe he didn’t know it was a rule. Maybe he just didn’t care either way. Seven and one-half years later, we can point to the precise moment that permanent Washington decided to send Donald Trump to prison.

Tucker played a clip from the Republican candidates’ debate in Greenville, South Carolina when Trump said the following:

“We should have never been in Iraq. We have destabilized the Middle East. They lied. They said there were weapons of mass destruction. There were none, and they knew there were none. There were no weapons of mass destruction, OK? Alright? We should never have been in Iraq.”

Trump added that we destabilized the Middle East.

“By saying that, he sealed his fate..,” Tucker said.

“All of them were guilty. They all knew. They all lied and, to a person, they hated Donald Trump for exposing them….”

He talked about the flatterers who hated Trump the most – the warmongers.

“They were there slobbering over their boss with elaborate self-abasement as if they were addressing a monarch or a God. It was a scene from the Ottoman court. It was filthy and decadent, and it was false. Mike Pence, Nikki Haley, Mike Pompeo, Lindsey Graham, and the Congress. They all called Trump a visionary, a genius, up until the moment he lost power, and then they unsheathed their real agenda. As always, the neocon war agenda and they piled on with maximum force.”

Tucker talked about Mike Pompeo’s betrayal on Fox this morning. He said Pompeo undermined his peace efforts at every turn while feigning support.

“Joe Biden and his many allies from Chuck Schumer to Mitch McConnell to Paul Ryan and every single news anchor on all of television, all of them believe that Ukraine’s borders, its future, its infrastructure are all more important than the town that you live in. They sincerely think that, and it’s obvious everyone in power thinks that, except for Donald Trump.

“Whatever else you say about him, Trump is the one guy with an actual shot of becoming president who dissents from Washington’s longstanding pointless war agenda, and for that, that one fact, they’re trying to take Trump out before you can vote for him. And that should upset you more than anything that’s happened in American politics in your lifetime, even if you don’t plan to vote for Donald Trump.

“Even if you would die before voting for Donald Trump, which is your right, and a lot of good people feel that way, even still the destruction of our democracy, which is the right of voters to support any candidate they want. Even candidates who don’t want war with Russia. The destruction of that should keep you up at night. Yes, Donald Trump is a flawed man, but his sins are minor compared to those of his persecutors. In this life, we don’t get to choose our martyrs. We can only choose our principles, and America’s are at stake.”




  1. When I returned to the ‘news?’ in 2016 to get a handle on some red headed imbecile, according to the Main sewer Stream fake Media, who was running for President, I found that my reasons for NOT giving them credence at the time of Kosovo had not changed. as a matter of fact they had degenerated to open vitriolic malevolence…and LIES, their staple…they used to call it ‘spin’…One would think that the average observer would have noticed that the US had already become a one party state – politically. It was supposed to be Jeb’s turn at bat…when he was demolished by Trump the ‘handlers’ nominated the ‘witch’, but unlike 2020, they were NOT prepared for the MASSIVE voter turnout…

  2. Thank you M. Dowling for continuing to bring us Tucker Carson’s must watch videos!
    Tucker points to the day that Trump called out the swamp for all the lies as the day the swamp determined to crucify him.
    We have seen a number of those days to Tucker this year. I am sort of waiting to see how the corrupt courts will be used to martyr him, also.


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