Tucker Carlson Interviews Donald Trump [247.1M Views] While the GOP 8 Bores


Tucker Carlson’s interview with Donald Trump was taped. President Trump has to turn himself in tomorrow to a nobody, Fani Willis, who comes from a family of Marxists and is only one of 49 district attorneys in Georgia. She is a nobody attacking a former president and his allies. That never came up in the GOP 8 Debate last night.

Donald Trump is down-to-earth and easier to listen to than the other candidates. He doesn’t sound like a politician and openly talks about the real issues.

Tucker asked him what’s next after all these indictments, “Don’t they have to kill you now?” Mr. Trump didn’t seem concerned, but he said they are “savage animals” and thinks they could do it.

DJT talked about what’s happening to our country. We have radical lunatics putting windmills everywhere – that doesn’t work. He noted they want EVs everywhere without an adequate grid to handle it. They want no voter ID so they can cheat, no gas stoves, and a heating system that won’t work. He called them “Savage Animals.”

Trump called Pence a human conveyor belt. If he finds fraud, he has the right to send it back to the legislatures to have them recheck it, but Pence is a conveyor belt.

Trump said RINOs and Democrats changed the Count Act because they knew he could do what he did. The VP had the right to question the election, he said.

He said DeSantis is out, but if someone else gets in, these sick people will go after that person as they did him.

Tucker said, “Aren’t you concerned they will steal the election again?” Trump said they will try.

Mr. Trump’s number one concern is the border and sending the criminals back to their native country. He would seal up the border.

About a potential Civil War, he said there is a lot of love and hatred about what is being done to our country. He doesn’t know since he hasn’t seen this level of love and hate, and it’s a bad combination.



There wasn’t much to learn from last night’s GOP debate. The questions didn’t seem that good – they were general.

There was an interesting moment when Chris Christie and Vivek Ramaswamy battled over Trump.

No one asked Mike Pence about Donald Trump’s post-election reaction. That was surprising.

Pence tried to look strong and tough, but it didn’t work. Christie was petty and vengeful. Haley was warmongering self, as was Pence. She is bright and did a good job as UN Ambassador.

I like Tim Scott. He could be a running mate. I don’t think Donald Trump will pick Vivek Ramaswamy, do you?

DeSantis had good answers to a number of questions, and he’s a good governor, but he probably didn’t connect with people. He’s a bit stiff. Governor DeSantis has potential. There’s still time.

No one came out of that as real competition for Donald Trump. He won without even being there.

Christie is just there to get the hate Trump crowd. I don’t see Ramaswamy going anywhere, although he’s likable and bright.

The moderators and their questions were partly responsible for the lackluster performances. The questions really didn’t touch upon specifics.

They never discussed the efforts to criminalize Donald Trump.


The audience at the GOP debate was cheering, yelling, and clapping throughout. The GOP 8 are all Emperors without Clothing. They don’t seem like they are right for the times – not tough enough or aware enough.

There are too many of them on the stage, and they’re all on the same page. Asa Hutchinson and Mike Pence need the hook.

The first question and the introductions focused on spending, the economy, and energy. The answers were general and predictable.

The second question was on climate change. Vivek called climate change a hoax. Christie started blasting him because Christie is the faux Republican on the stage.  Vivek told Christie to hug him like he did President Obama.

Nikki went to the woman thing. You need a woman to get things done, blah, blah, blah. She wants to tell China to lower its emissions. Sure, that’ll work. She said the subsidies are not working, and that’s true.

Tim Scott talked about poverty. Scott wants to bring manufacturing back to America.

Like previous debates, it looks and sounds scripted.

The country is being destroyed, and our Constitution is degraded. They didn’t hit the mark.

The GOP 8 returned after the commercial and talked about abortions. Did I mention that Pence should get the hook?

The debate is no different from any other, even though Democrats are about to make the USA a one-party socialist state.

Doug Burgum, who no one knows anything about outside North Dakota, talked about putting the Feds back into their place and returning power to the states.

The focus on abortion seems to be a mistake. It’s out of the Constitution, and we have it back where it belongs – with the states, but Republicans and Democrats like to focus on it and use it as a wedge issue.

Vivek said Donald Trump was the best president of the 21st century and told Christie he’d do better not focusing his entire campaign on vengeance and grievance against one man. He said we’re skating on thin ice in this country, and we cannot set a precedent where the political party in power uses police force to indict its opponents in a brawl.

Christie was booed when he tried to retaliate against Vivek. He’s cooked. Baier chastised the audience as they booed. Christie told Vivek that he hadn’t done anything for the country and started bashing Trump for allegedly saying we could suspend the Consitution. He must have DJT confused with Joe Biden.

Bill O’Reilly said, “First half hour, I learned little. But I would hire @VivekGRamaswamy to host The Today Show.”

Tim Scott wants to fire Merrick Garland and Christopher Wray.

Fox didn’t spend much time on Ron DeSantis, and Baier kept telling him he’s not answering the question.

Pence bashed Putin and said he wants to take over the world. Vivek, who has the whitest teeth I’ve ever seen, said China is the problem. He wants us to promise not to put NATO in Ukraine, which irked Pence.

Pence rattled off the Bushisms like, “We have peace through strength.” He thinks agreeing not to put NATO in Ukraine means China will take over Taiwan.

Haley simplistically bashed Putin and is happy to keep spending on Ukraine – still nothing about the border invasion of the United States more than halfway through.

Haley said Putin murdered Prigozhin, and she doesn’t know that.

The Republicans are still talking about failed policies, and the audience cheers for the Ukraine war because they don’t know that Ukraine is losing, and they don’t know that there is a lot more to that invasion. They cheered when Haley claimed we’re preventing World War by fighting Putin.

DeSantis said we need to defend our own border, and he won’t send troops to Ukraine, but he will send them to the border.

An hour-and-a-half in, Doug Burgum talked a little about the border.Tim Scott addressed the border.

Fox looked like they’re desperately looking for a new candidate to take on Donald Trump.

Of the eight, DeSantis is the only one who seemed possible, but Trump won.

I said they need to get the hook for Pence and Hutchinson, but I should have included Christie and Haley.

If you are watching, could you tell us what you think? Maybe I’m wrong, but I think the GOP 8 are out of touch.



    • He endorsed fellow RINO, Lisa Murkowski, voted to certify the fake President in 2020, prejudged Judge Roy Moore. During the pandemic, Tim embraced masks and Fauci.

  1. Faux News struck out once again. I watched the debate and there was nothing outstanding to note other than the Idiot fromm SC,Niki baby, stating unequivocably that Putin had arranged the murder of Prigozin and others without any evidence whatsoever. This illustrates she has no business being in government in any capacity. She does not know, has no evidence to back this accusation up, and deliberately did not quality her remark. Niki Halley revealed herself as an IDIOT!

  2. That is a useful summary. Faux brings up abortion to hurt conservatives. It is part of the 2022 election narrative that the GOP lost due to abortion and not cheating. It seems that the really big issues (inflation, invasion, …) were barely covered. That is consistent with Faux’s role of being establishment.

    Now that Trump is so far ahead, and openly defying the corrupt GOP, the next step of the plan to remove him is underway. In this part of the plan, the dems are trying to convict/imprison Trump. The GOP then steps in to try to remove him from ballots. The 2 sides are working together.

  3. I watched the first minute or so and concluded it was nothing but an entertainment spectacle. I can see why so many do not vote. After watching a couple minutes before the quick round I realized I just can’t stand to listen to any politician. These aren’t debates. I understood that decades ago. Go to Any University Debate and come back and tell me These are debates.

    • This was just another Faux News political gossip show, with the candidates (mostly bad people) answering the junk questions instead of the usual junk panelists that junk network usually has on.

      Bret and Martha are script reading airheads with no original thoughts.

  4. Watched 90 minutes of the debate before getting totally disgusted. The Ruble site only had about 300,000 viewers.
    Trump and Tucker were both great and well worth the watch. The number of viewers shows how popular both men are with the public.

    The Republican Debate was not a debate but a debacle, a free-for-all. The rules were not followed, the Monitors appeared to be armatures, and it seemed mostly to be a group of children squabbling. 
    1) The former governor of Arkansas came across as a slimy swamp creature.
    2) The governor of North Dakota seemed good but was not given fair time.
    3) Tim Scott handled himself well, and he did make some good points, but his past policy statements have othered me.
    4) Nikki was tight and she came across as a liar.
    5) Chris Christie made some good policy points, but still came across as and egotistical idiot.
    6) Mike Pence did make important points including showing that he believed he was upholding the constitution, but sort of messed up by admitting he was asked to do what no VP has done before, making me feel he was guided more by tradition than clearly thinking things through.
    7) DeSantis tried to keep the debate on a positive presentation of what the candidates believed on he issue.
    8) Vivek Ramaswamy seemed to have the most sensible positions and showed his great strength of character. I think he would be a powerful campaigner. Of all, he seemed most to understand he hidden issues that are destroying the USA.

      • You have a valid point, but it was called a debate, so I used their term to describe the event. I have moderated a number of political debates but never lost control like the FOX clowns.

    • Pence is lying, of course. There was precedent for what Trump wanted him to do, which was to uphold the integrity of the election. Precedent was there from Thomas Jefferson, in the Constitution, and in the law. Pence simply is a coward, as he demonstrated as governor with the RFRA..

  5. They cheered when Haley claimed we’re preventing World War by fighting Putin.

    As has been noted before, many times, we are inching towards a world war – Not preventing it. Something certainly is afoot. There were at least Six surveillance aircraft in and around the Black Sea.


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