Tucker Draws Over 10 Million Views in Two Hours, 78 Million by 1 pm -Update


Update: I checked this morning, and he has over 57 million views, 512,000 likes, and 32.1 thousand bookmarks. That’s incredible. It was 58 million by 7:42. By 1 pm; it reached 78 million. Fox News officials must be taking this badly.

There are community notes in support of Ukraine. So far, commenters seem very happy he’s back. I added some at the end.

“As of today, we have come to Twitter, which we hope will be the shortwave radio under the blankets,” Tucker said. ”We’re told there are no gatekeepers here. If that turns out to be false, we’ll leave, but in the meantime, we are grateful to be here.”

He’ll stay if they don’t censor him as they tried to do to the Daily Wire and their movie, ‘What Is A Woman.’

Tucker Carlson’s first episode began with the Kakhovka dam that was blown up this week. So who did it? Tucker deals with the issue and others with his usual satire.

He delves into the lies and taboos of the media and the government.

Tucker briefly discussed the latest UFO news.

The Tucker clip has been up for two hours as of 8:10 pm, and over ten million have viewed it.

Tucker’s approach is the future, and cable is dying.




  1. Tucker got the dam blowing part WRONG. Ukraine has much more to lose, and is suffering greatly now. Look at all the communities under water, and the hassle it causes for Ukrainian troops to get over to the other side to take on the Russians. I operate a radio station in Odessa, and I can tell you that Zelenski is not into destroying his own land, unlike putin. Come on Tucker, you blew this one.

    • A local journalist that has been to the Russian side of Kherson and interviewed people there and it is that area that is being flooded and wiped out.
      Zelensky has been destroying his own people in the Donbass well before Russia entered. Ukrainians had fortified the gray zone and were constantly shelling the area which prompted Russia to intervene. Even the OSCE cataloged thousands of rocket attacks into Donbass a week prior.

  2. Tucker is a true American hero. I used to call the mainstream media “propagandists” but now, having missed Tucker, I realize, that is just too kind.

    They are LIARS!

  3. A concern of Faux is the potential loss of advertising dollars, if any current or recent advertisers on Faux were to start diverting advertising dollars towards Tucker. But the Faux lawyers are already looking for any way to stop Tucker.

  4. I’m still having trouble with ‘why Twitter’….the Musk/ Murdoch/ DeSantis connection really bothers me, and Trump’s Twitter messages has been receiving many “community notes” of late. Community Notes are a mild form of censorship by insinuating the statement may be false. It’s no secret Murdoch wants DeSantis to get the nod in 2024.

    Twitter is losing about $1-2 billion a year, Musk pays $1 billion juice on his $12.5 billion loan to buy Twitter, which Murdoch is helping him fund. It appears Carlson is back in bed with Murdoch, which boggles my mind.

  5. Now 60 Million views! With 11 hours left to circle the globe; can’t help but wonder if he’ll make 100 Million views?

  6. LOVE the Babylon Bee’s twitter comment: “Unemployed Guy’s Basement Selfie Video Crushes Fox News In Primetime Ratings.”

    It’s nice to find something to smile at this early in the morning, and getting to smile at the idea that the MSM is on its way out the very door it cut in the wall through which to send others is even better.

    Cable news is SO YESTERDAY. But apparently they’ll be the very last ones to figure that out.

  7. I was disappointed he brought up the UFO story, but it isn’t his first time. Considering the UFO story it explains the previous videos he played. To me they appeared Fake. It now explains why they would fake those videos and then much later come out with, “we have them”. Government is like a magician with the distraction of, “look over here”.

    • Aliens…total BS. The liars are seeding a distraction for when they need it. These lies need to be grown carefully, nurtured…so they can be a viable distraction when needd.


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