Tucker Interview with Larry Sinclair, Interesting


Barack Obama

Tucker’s interview with Larry Sinclair is interesting. He went over the sexual and coke snorting he allegedly did on two occasions with Barack Obama.

Sinclair said he contacted the campaign to tell them about his contacts with Obama because he said he was annoyed that Barack was lying. He also talked about the murder of Donald Young. Sinclair said Young’s mother believed her son was murdered to protect Barack Obama.

Mr. Sinclair said Barack’s a grifter.

He didn’t present any evidence, and until you see evidence, it’s best not to believe it.



  1. I forgot about the 2 homosexual men in Chicago who died suspiciously from Barry’s church, just as Barry’s campaign was starting. That church was involved in a group of homosexuals which are referred to as the “down low club”. It was a way that married men who preferred the same sex could find partners.


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