Tucker Interviews Devon Archer, the Man Who Went Too Close to the Sun


Devon Archer said the affair with Joe Biden was an “abuse of soft power.” Joe Biden speaking with the contacts was “powerful.” It was enough to have a vice president speak with the business partners. He worked too closely with Hunter and Joe. He said he went “too close to the sun.” Tucker noted that Joe Biden couldn’t work with foreign entities as vice president. Mr. Archer agreed.

TUCKER: “There were occasions when Joe Biden would call in…How many times do you think that happened?”

DEVON ARCHER: “The number I’m going with is 20.”

TUCKER: “So Joe Biden…must have known that he was calling in to…a business meeting that his son was having.”

DEVON ARCHER: “It’s hard for me to speculate on that…He knew there were business associates…It certainly was powerful though…If you hear the Vice President’s voice, that’s prize enough!”

I don’t know if I’m supposed to like Devon Archer, but I do. I’m not wild about his friends or how he does business.

The interview is a little over 11 minutes but it goes fast.




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