Tucker on the US Blowing Up Nord Stream and NATO’s Collapse


Tucker Carlson released a speech he gave in Hungary. The excerpt below deals with Nord Stream, which Tucker says the US blew up, causing an environmental disaster. He also believes NATO will collapse because of it.

He speaks the unspeakable and unspoken. We don’t know for certain, but a large majority of Americans believe the U.S. blew up Nord Stream or was involved. Many also believe NATO has to collapse.

Germany’s economy is in recession and their industry is dying. The CEO of Lanxess, a German chemical company, warned that de-inductrialization has begun in Germany. He wants the German government to wake up.

“There’s so much I want to see in the world because the world is resetting completely,” Tucker said. “The post war order is collapsing. NATO is going to collapse, obviously, you can’t have the main driver of NATO, which is the United States sabotage Germany’s main source of cheap energy in Nord Stream. The Biden administration blew up Nord Stream and the Germans are so self-hating they won’t say anything about it.

“They’re trying to put their head down, like, ‘no I don’t want to talk about that.’ OK, but I do want to talk about it because it’s important.

“First of all, it was the biggest act of industrial sabotage in history.

“Second, it was the largest man made CO2 emission in history, which your fear of global warming cultist is like the devil himself come to earth. And the Biden administration did that.

“But third, and most important, it is an attack on Germany, which is the most powerful country in Europe.

“Western Europe is America’s last main ally and we just attacked our most important ally.

“NATO cannot stand long term. At some point, the Germans are going to wake up and be like, ‘wait a second we had chemical plants two years ago, now we don’t. You just wrecked our economy.’ I just I don’t think it can continue after that, I really don’t. Maybe I’m wrong, but I don’t see how it does.”

NATO’s expansion is a problem for Russia and China. It’s not something we should ignore, but we do.




  1. Tucker made some great points.

    The Germans are not going to wake up, they are docile, and their leaders are deliberately ruining the nation. That combination ensures failure.

    The pipeline sabotage did not release CO2, it released CH4.

    • The German people are still being emotionally enslaved by a forced national guilt for the atrocities of Hitler.
      Are the Americans being enslaved by being made feel guilty for slavery about which no American today had anything to do with it.


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