Tucker on Ukraine – Only One F-16 Away from Winning


Gen. Milley doesn’t always speak Woke and worry about so-called white anger. Sometimes, he talks about the state of affairs and what he believes is the truth. In July, he told the press:

“Ten F-16s are $2 billion. So, the Russians have hundreds of fourth and fifth-generation airframes. If they (the Ukrainians) are going to try to match the Russians, one-for-one or even two-to-one, you are talking about a large number of aircraft.

That’s going to take years to train the pilots, years to do the maintenance and sustainment, years to generate that degree of financial support to do that. You’re talking way more billions of dollars than has already been generated,” Milley said during a press briefing.

He then said Ukrainians are slowly working their way through minefields and far from failing. Milley and Austin stuck with the company line that they are wearing Russian troops down.

Three of Ukraine’s top pilots were just downed by Russia.

The truth is Russians easily outnumber them. Do we have the years we need and the billions of dollars to spend on this war without entering into direct war and bringing the rest of the world into it?

Gen. Mark Milley

Tucker addressed the idea that Ukraine is winning or can win while he was in Hungary. He explained that telling what he believes is the truth is not siding with Russia.

“I’m saying that the fact of what is actually happening, not what we wish would happen but what is happening, is essential. If we want to make up our minds about what to do next, and in the United States, virtually everyone I’ve ever met believes that Ukraine is winning…

“Now, if you think about this for a moment here, you have one country which has 100 million more people than the other country and has a much deeper military industrial capacity, can make more missiles, make more bullets, make more tanks than the other country. So, over time, the bigger country is almost certain to win, correct? This is a physics principle – right?

“It’s not a statement of allegiance. You’re not a shill for somebody for acknowledging that. If we’re wrestling and you outweigh me by 100 pounds – you’re probably going to win because you’re bigger.

“That’s a fact, and yet my country, a nation of 350 million people, has been told exactly the opposite for a year and a half for ideological reasons, as a function of propaganda. It is lying, and the scary thing is that otherwise very smart people believe it, even though you can still – and this may change – go on Wikipedia in the United States and look up population numbers – how many people live in Russia, how many people live in Ukraine.


“You know, back where I come from, the most informed, the most technologically superior nation in the history of man, the only country to put a human being on the surface of the moon, in that country, everybody believes that Ukraine is one F-16 away from beating Russia on the field of battle.

“And every single Hungarian, most of them, are anti-Russian, by the way; I haven’t met anyone in Hungary who likes the Russians, just being honest. They don’t like the Russians, but everyone has looked at me like I’m insane. ‘What, no, no,’ and it’s embarrassing. It’s embarrassing to be from a place that has been lied to at scale and believe the lies so thoroughly, but the truth is that’s kind of the state of man.”

There are people who fact-check Tucker and Col. Macgregor, but the basic facts do stick out. The person on this link accuses them of propaganda but begins his fact check with propaganda. Check it out and see what you think.




  1. A former highly successful professional boxer and trainer, with whom I was very close, used to have an axiom when we were handicapping fights. It was simply, “A good big man will almost always beat a good little man.”

  2. Tucker did very well in Hungary. He seems to be completely recovered from the Faux News culture.

    Recall that in 1968 our media was constantly covering the awful events in Vietnam, to get the public upset. That was a ripe situation for RFK to win the nomination. He was killed.

    This time our media does not cover the awful events in Ukraine, which reduces the momentum for a peach candidate. But RFK 2 is in a great position to win NH and Iowa.

  3. We have millions more people than the Taliban had Tucker and we lost. We had millions more people than Vietnam had and we lost. Better rethink your argument there about population size. We don’t fare to good in direct wars for whatever reasons, so here we hire another country to do our fighting and dying for us in order to defeat Putin. Again, another loss.

    • With all due respect, the USA did not lose to Vietnam…This is not just my opinion, Prager university has a great video explaining it much better than I can.

      Although it is true that while Johnson was President, the USA was losing, this was because he was micromanaging and had created a long list of bizarre reasons why Americans were not allowed to shoot or bombard…it made American soldiers pretty much sitting ducks.

      Then when Nixon became President, he removed the Johnson restrictions, and gradually increased the intensity of the attacks on North Vietnam.

      It worked and within about 2 years North Vietnam was losing BADLY and agreed to come to Paris to sing a peace agreement.

      Nixon had defeated North Vietnam. The USA had won.

      But after the Watergate scandal, Democrats did all they could to remove sanctions and what have you on North Vietnam…

      North Vietnam – encouraged by traitorous democrats- thus stopped respecting the Paris Peace agreement and it turned into a horrible tragedy…

      The MSM, the left, Hollywood, everyone has been saying for decades that the USA lost but that is incorrect, they won under Nixon, then Democrats reversed or canceled out the victory that Nixon had brought, and that is how everyone describes it; as the USA losing.

      Prager has a great video about this…if you can find it and watch it you will see, the USA did not lose in Vietnam.

      • The USA retreated in Vietnam, instead of running the war better. We watched and let the communists storm Saigon.

        We also retreated in Afghanistan.

        Russia is dominating Ukraine. All sides are blocked.


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