Tucker Rebuilds His Studio After Fox Raided It, Leaving It in “Shambles”


Tucker Carlson is rebuilding his home studio in Woodstock, Maine, after officials from Fox News raided the set. They came to get everything they set up for Tucker without any notice. They reportedly left the place in “shambles,” even taking the walls, which does seem very petty or agenda-driven.

On Wednesday, the Daily Mail shared photos of Carlson dressed for construction work, carrying various materials from his car.

The Construction Manager

Patrick Feeney, the manager for the three-man construction crew, is helping to rebuild the studio. He talked to the Daily Mail about the alleged raid weeks earlier.

“Fox came in last week and got all their s**t out of there,” Feeney explained. “They took the set and everything, all the equipment, the chairs, the desk, the fake walls, everything.”

Fox dropped Carlson’s popular cable show in April but didn’t fire him. They’re paying him to remain quiet, slow-walking any deals to let him out of his contract. Carlson was one of the most popular hosts in Fox’s history.

Carlson has said he plans to move his show to Twitter, with production continuing at his home studio.

The Fox raid set him back if he had planned to film weeks ago.

Fox Soft Peddles The Raid

A source close to Fox told The Guardian, “We removed the equipment (which we own) after building a custom studio at our expense. We did not tear down the studio.”

Nonetheless, it was stripped bare, and they left nothing.

Fox sent workers to dismantle and remove the broadcast set without notice from his converted barn. The barn is where he produced many of his shows.

The entire studio has to be rebuilt regardless of what Fox says.

It does seem like Fox will do anything to silence Tucker. Perhaps they’re just vindictive even after Tucker made millions for them or more for over a decade.

The Dominion Deal to Silence Tucker?

Reports strongly suggest Fox paid off a Dominion lawsuit with $787 billion to a company worth $70 billion, and they gave them Tucker as a sacrificial lamb. An allegedly trustworthy voting machine company got the popular host silenced after he cast shade on their operation.

Tucker’s biographer, Chadwick Moore, said that he has inside information confirming that it is true that Fox’s deal with Dominion was to fire Tucker. Tucker retweeted Moore’s videotaped statement.

If true, that means a company allegedly built on corruption to push Maduro into power, although the company denies that, was able to silence Tucker. The plan is to silence him through the 2024 election.

Fox News has not disclosed the reason for Carlson’s firing. In its initial statement on the day it happened, April 24th, the network said: “Fox News Media and Tucker Carlson have agreed to part ways. We thank him for his service to the network as a host and prior to that, as a contributor.”

Amid increasing speculation about why Carlson was fired, Variety recently reported that a Fox board member told Carlson his firing was a condition of the Dominion settlement.

“The unnamed board member told Carlson that the condition does not appear in any of the settlement’s documents, and instead was a verbal agreement,” Variety said.

“If Fox didn’t comply, the settlement was off, Carlson was told. Dominion had plenty of leverage given that the $787.5 million deal to settle Dominion’s defamation suit against the network wouldn’t officially close until late May.”

A Fox News spokesperson previously told Axios it was “categorically false” that Carlson was fired as part of the Dominion settlement, as they must say.

Back to the Studio Clean-Up

The Daily Mail said Tucker retained his own crew to get his studio up and running again. The process will take some time as infrastructure repairs are now necessary.

However, Mr. Feeney, who is running the three-man crew, said he’s just cleaning it up.

“There’s no hardware in place at all,” the crew member, Feeney, was quoted as saying.

“There’s not even an infrastructure for a TV studio for a long time.”

He added: “We just came to clean it up and get it looking like something again. There’s no imminent venture. We’re just getting ready in case something does happen. There’s nothing we’re doing other than cleaning the place up, shoring up the walls, making it look good again.”

Carlson had “just got back late last night after meeting with lawyers and all that stuff. As you can imagine, he’s very, very busy right now,” Feeney said.

“The studio will have to be completely rebuilt,” Feeney told the Mail.



  1. Poor Tucker. Guy worth close to $400 million can afford to build his own studio and pay for it. The equipment belonged to Fox. Like he’s really doing the work. Fox sucks but remember in all this, he back stabbed Trump. I don’t trust him either. FJB, F Budweiser, F Target, F the Dodgers, F Hollywod..

    • Tucker certainly backstabbed Trump on the 2020 election coup.

      Tucker should have returned all of the Faux equipment outright and have already built his own

    • Not poor Tucker, poor you and us. The only consistently sane and bold news broadcast pushing real news on real substantive developments that matter us now canceled from cab m e.

      I expect him to roar back after h I s Twitter announcement though.

      It’s the hot dogs that howl.

      • Check out rumble, that is where conservatives are finding a place to go. If a conservative outfits gets slapped on youtoo they keep going on rumble. I like Louder with Crowder, Redacted. Dan Bongino & Glenn Greenwald. Glenn isn’t a conservative, but he is painfully honest to the detriment of the democrats. Tech is moving on I think, I have not watch any of the networks or cable in years. Even cable has gotten old now its on demand on the computer, and get on with the day.


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