Tucker Talks About Fox’s “Fearful Women” Producers to Dave Portnoy


Tucker Carlson interviewed Dave Portnoy, the founder of Barstool Sports. During the interview, he said he would never work for anyone but himself again. He had some kind words for Fox but then talked about the “fearful women.”

He never got an answer from Fox News as to why he was fired abruptly, but he complimented them for giving him the freedom to say whatever he wanted for 14 years until they didn’t and fired him.

“One day, for whatever reason, they’d had enough,” he said.

Asked by Portnoy if he knew where Fox drew the line on acceptable content, Carlson insulted them.

“It’s a company run by fearful women, you know what I mean? And there were always, like, second-tier people who were hassling my producers, but no one ever called me. I got along with everybody. But I think they knew like the censorship was not; I don’t welcome that, you know?” said Carlson.

Carlson also said he was happy his producer was fired four seconds after him. Tucker hired him, and he was totally innocent and was one of the best producers they had. He said there aren’t a lot of competent producers at Fox.

Carlson said he began receiving bad vibes from Fox executives about his view of the war in Ukraine once he started speaking out.

“Our view on the war in Ukraine was really, really hated. I could feel it. And my view was not pro-Russia, never has been pro-Russia, just like, this is not our fight, it’s not good for us. We should just put an end to the war because people die in war. I’ve seen it, it’s bad. And just saying that was considered like crazy pro-Kremlin propaganda!” Carlson said emphatically.

“Being humiliated in public, being fired – I have been a couple of times – is totally good for you in the end because it keeps you from thinking you’re Jesus or getting like super crazy hubris guy,” he laughed.

On his decision to recently host former President Donald Trump, Carlson said it wasn’t to compete with Fox. He thinks Donald Trump wanted to dig at Fox.

“The reason it was the night of the debate is because he didn’t want to do the debate. I didn’t make that decision. He approached us and said, ‘I’m not going to do the debate,’ and if I’m being totally honest, I didn’t really believe him,” Carlson said, adding that Trump is “volatile” and could have changed his mind at the last minute.

“He didn’t like Fox, but they don’t like him. They never did,” said Carlson.




  1. I think a key statement is Tucker saying he got along with everyone. Who does that? Is that the real world? No one complained to him about his content directly. I can interpret that as some people who he got along with did not like him and were not willing to deal with him, and they eventually fired him. Anyhow it is not Tucker’s fault he was fired, but I see an unrealistic view of the situation by him.

    The Murdoch’s are eccentric millionaires who likely were influenced by our corrupt government to fire Tucker, their biggest host. It makes no sense to not speak to their top host but then suddenly let him go.

    Regarding Tucker not being told what to do by Fox, I doubt that. In November 2020 I saw a sudden change in his opinion on the election, he was first cautious about the result, then suddenly decided Biden won (and I then clicked Faux off for the last time).


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