Tucker’s Courageous Immigration Speech, and He Deals with Poland


Tucker Carlson took about 20 minutes to talk about the invasion at our border, and he did a stunning job. He also spoke with a member of the European Parliament from Poland, and he explained why Poland isn’t taking illegal immigrants and how they are prospering as a result.

Our country is transforming into something we will not like, and our leaders are telling us we are imagining it.

“Our country is changing faster than it ever has, but not through democratic means, instead by force through waves of mass immigration that not one single American voted for. What’s happening is a crime. It violates both federal law and the core precept of democracy, which is that citizens get to govern their own countries.

“This is election rigging on a mass scale, and it’s fueled by anti-white racial hostility. That is not a guess. The people doing it say so out loud. They brag about it. They are criminals… they must be punished for what they have done.”

He spoke with Todd Bensman of The Center for Immigration Studies, who has been at the border and is trying to raise the alarms about what’s happening to our country. Personally, I think it’s too late because the Democrats will have a one-party system when these people vote no, and they will probably vote illegally.

Mr. Bensman explained That people are coming in from 160 different countries, including the Middle East and Africa. We’re looking at 14,000 apprehensions a day. It’s an emergency. Currently, we have over 300,000 a month coming in, and it’s probably going to be closer to 400,000 a month when you consider the five different ways that the Biden administration has planned for people to come in and stay. It’s a national emergency.

The ones coming in on the Biden apps are coming through the ports of entry, flying in by the 10s of thousands directly from foreign countries into 43 American airports. You don’t see those. You don’t see the runners who get away. None of these people are going back to their country of origin. And they’re going to cost the American taxpayer a tremendous amount of money. There are millions here since Biden took office.

Democrats love it because they know they’re going to have a one-party country soon. Todd Bensman also said it’s, of course, likely that terrorists have gotten through.

By the end of Baden’s term, there’ll be at least four million more illegal aliens. So many states became swing states that were once red states due to migration. Now, they will all turn blue. Democrats have wanted to turn Texas blue, and they have, and they’ve ruined it. The people doing this are Democrats and NGOs who are criminals, Tucker said.

Tucker spoke to a member of the European Parliament from Poland, and he explained why Poland is doing so well. They have not accepted one illegal immigrant. You said they hadn’t had one terrorist attack, and their economy is thriving. They were a country that was under totalitarian domination for 123 years, and they knew the value of freedom. He also said he finds Donald Trump an inspiration. They built the wall, and it works.

He concluded by telling Tucker he doesn’t care what names they call him. “It’s so simple. You have to believe in yourself and be strong. This is war; this is not a joke; this is war. Actually, what is happening at the border is a hybrid war, and the war needs soldiers. So behave like a man, be a soldier, be very responsible, and fight. Then you have a chance to win.”



  1. The border is issue #1. Are Americans going to continue to allow our government to sabotage the USA, with the invasion it arranged, funds and operates?

    There is more coverage of the Hamas attack in a few days than 3 years of the invasion/theft of the USA. Pavlov’s dogs are very upset over the Hamas attack.

    We lose 100,000 people a year and hundreds of billions a year due to the invasion. But, Pavlov’s dogs need a stimulus to respond to.


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