Tucker’s Interview with Javier Milel Has Over 382M Views


Tucker getting fired is nothing but a positive for Tucker Carlson. He’s getting amazing interviews, and people are watching them. His latest interview is with Javier Milel, the possible next president of Argentina. The interview has garnered more than 382 million views so far.

Mr. Milel came from nowhere to become the most famous man in the country. The election is next month, and it looks like he will win. He has gotten a hostile reception in the Western press, especially the United States – WaPo, The NY Times, Financial Times… They call him far-right like he’s a Nazi.

Mr. Milel said Argentina has been socialist for 100 years, and liberalism is seen as rebellion. He says his popularity seems to arise from his background. He was a soccer player, played in a rock band, and he’s an economist, he added his ideas of liberalism – rebellion against the system – are popular.

Mr. Milel said socialism seems attractive, but it’s like the frog in boiling water, and it’s “a terrifying way to run an economic system.” People have been taught that where there is a need, there is a right. It’s a problem. Socialists like the claws of the State and don’t want to let things happen naturally.

Mr. Milel emphasizes equality under the law to help solve women’s issues. When they talk about a glass ceiling for women and inequality in wages, you find they are proportional.

There is much more. Mr. Milel would make a great US President.

Tucker includes a guide:




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