Turns Out Fani Willis Is a Conspiratorial Election Denier


One of the main charges against Donald Trump in Georgia is election interference for contesting the election, among other things. Yet, the woman who is leveling these charges is a partisan hack and a hypocrite.

She ran for office on the promise of charging Donald Trump.

Fani Willis

Fani Willis didn’t think the election was as sacrosanct as she pretends.

In November 2020, she was very worried that Georgia was stealing the election. She carried on about water leaks and ballots being thrown out.

Here she is questioning the water leaks again.🤡🤡🤡

Here, she has crayon scribbles on a map of the United States, claiming the election is a mess (until her side won, of course.)

While attempting to imprison Donald Trump for alternate electors and contesting the integrity of the election, she was out blathering about suspicious water leaks.

Yes, I know Republicans were concerned about the water leak that delayed the counting, but they’re not prosecuting Donald Trump for it, either.

The votes were counted by a lot of Black Lives Matter members, and it makes one wonder how perfect the election was.

In 2018,Willis agreed with fake racist claims that only “white people” were voting. She thought they made up 116% of the voting pool.

In any case, she’s supposed to be enforcing the law, but she’s engaging in a political vendetta. She’s also an election denier and conspiratorial. We hear that’s illegal now.



  1. I just read about RICO

    It does not apply to Trump asking that votes be counted in a fair and honest way.

    But RICO is EXACTLY what Democrats have been doing when rigging the 2020 election.

    — RICO includes wire and mail fraud ( Mail ballots anyone? or Jocelyn Benson mailing to EVERY voter unrequested ballots trough mail ??)

    — It includes any group or entreprise, even a crime family ( The Bidens ) or a POLITICAL PARTY( Democrats)

    — Must be a pattern of illegal activity ( thousands of people, for examples the videotaped mules going to drop boxes, actively participating in voting fraud in dozens of different places more than qualifies )

    —Requires at least two crimes in 10 years ( tens of thousands of voting fraud in dozens of counties is more than two crimes )

    — Has to show an intent, a conspiracy to commit the crimes ( Fani Willis running her campaign on promising to destroy Trump shows intent…other democrats also promising to ” get Trump” shows intent, States changing voting rules days before the election shows conspiracy, etc etc )

    All of the above applies to what Democrats did ( There is even an article in Time Magazine that pretty much admits that the left joined forces to conspire against Trump )

    But there is nothing, absolutely nothing that indicates even remotely that Trump and other people had been planning in advance, had been conspiring to do anything illegal .

    It is only AFTER they realized the 2020 election was rigged that they contacted each other and discussed what could be done to make sure votes that are legit would all be counted, and votes that are fraudulent would be excluded.

    Even the famous phone call to Rafensperger, NOWHERE does Trump asks for anything illegal to be done ( the audio and transcripts are available, and confirm Trump never asked for anything illegal to be done ) quite the opposite,
    Trump gives details of all the evidence of cheating and is asking Rafensperger to do something about the cheating, not to cheat, but to do something about the cheating…which of course would result in finding the missing votes for Trump ( that corrupt people have thrown in the garbage or switched to Biden )

    The RICO charges apply to democrats.

    Democrats rigging the 2020 elections trough dozens of dirty tricks is a text book example of RICO violations.

    But nothing Trump and the 18 co defendants said or did even remotely resembles what RICO violations are.

    • ” …a well-funded cabal of powerful people, ranging across industries and ideologies, worked together behind the scenes to influence perceptions, change rules and laws, steer media coverage and control the flow of information…”
      —TIME magazine

      You may say there is nothing illegal in there, ok but it says they changed rules and laws, and they did so days before the election, and changed them to favor the things that helped democrats commit voting fraud. ( such as unsupervised drop boxes, approving non matching signatures etc etc )

      If anyone conspired, planned, plotted it is democrats.

      Trump only reacted to the steal, whatever he did, he did it AFTER he realized Democrats rigged the election,

      He had not planned, conspired or plotted to overturn an election before the election. He only reacted to a gigantic fraud after he realized it was a fraud.

      And anyway contesting election results is 100% legal.


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