UK Censorship Org GDI Put a US Company on a Banned list – Us


Infolinks was very excited to have my business until they found that my site was listed on GDI, Government Disinformation Index, the UK censorship organization that makes lists of websites they claim are sending out disinformation. It was news to us.

Disinformation would be anything they don’t like, including information on vaccines, elections, George Soros, Klaus Schwab, and you get the picture.

We might have gotten on the list when we put up articles about them that were not flattering.

Eventually, we will not have any right to speak. Censorship is increasing exponentially.

Read the email:

Think about it. This is a UK-based organization censoring me, an American in the United States. Biden funded them and might still for all we know.

They bully advertisers not to put ads on political blogs they don’t like.

Summit News reports that the US State Department-funded Global Disinformation Index punished conservative websites by throttling their advertising revenue if they gave credence to the COVID-19 lab leak theory. They did it even though the theory is probably true. They only just lost their funding from Biden’s State Department-funded NED since they were caught red-handed. NED didn’t seem to care when a whistleblower came forward, but they care since Jonathan Turley wrote about it.

NED notified Professor Turley that the State Department no longer funds them (yes, Biden funded them). However, they are still censoring Americans as you can see from the email I received today.

NED is very bad news. I’m also hounded by sites like NewsGuard (the co-owner worked closely with George Soros) and Media Bias Fact Check (a lone guy who makes subjective opinions as a self-appointed censor of what you can see).

Newsguard had given me all the green lights until someone told the rater to do something about me. The Media Bias person gave me ‘highly reliable’ until NewsGuard knocked me down, and I told him off.

All these fact-checkers have a few things in common. They’re Progressives, self-appointed, and they won’t allow a voice to anyone who disagrees with them. They won’t let you make money, and I don’t.



  1. I have been reading about US politics for over 20 years.

    I read everyday, and some days I read for as much as 16 hours..
    I have the free time, I don t work because of a health problem ( Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia ).

    Over the years I have tried close to 100 different sites, and I have stopped reading from those that are unreliable or that write bad articles…

    …or that use sensational headlines to make you click and then you find out the article contains nothing of value , nothing remotely close to what the headline suggested.

    Only maybe a dozen sites are very reliable, very honest and very interesting.

    Independent Sentinel is in my top 5.

    I have been coming here for maybe 5 years or longer ( cannot remember exactly when I discovered this site) and I have never seen any lies or silly conspiracy theories published here.

    And when something is not yet verified, Independent Sentinel tells you.

    There is no disinformation here, none at all.

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