Ukraine Is Running Out of Soldiers


“I find it offensive that we have professional politicians on this stage that will make a pilgrimage to Kyiv to their pope Zelensky without doing the same thing for people in Maui or the south side of Chicago…,”

~ Vivek Ramaswamy said at the GOP debate on August 23, 2023.

Joe Biden leveled more sanctions on Russia that will do nothing to help our war effort. He sanctioned a Crimean childcare center, claiming Ukrainian children were sent there. Moscow said the children were sent there to protect them from shelling. He also sanctioned Crimean recreational and educational camps.

He’s sanctioning childcare and recreational facilities, and that won’t win the war.


Zelensky basically responded to the failure of the counteroffensive, admitting, “It’s very difficult.”

It is a complete failure. He didn’t say exactly that, but we all know it is.

“We spoke with the prime minister today,” Zelensky said. If you don’t mind, I won’t say everything publicly, but we see that we are moving forward on several fronts. It is very difficult for us; there is very dense mining and thousands of mines are what Russia is leaving behind.

“The most important trend that the military reports to me every day is that we are moving forward, on and on. Yes, little by little, but the direction is right.”

They’re capturing small abandoned villages.


Ukrainian President Zelensky also admitted the military is pressuring him to mobilize more forces. Some of this pressure could be coming from the neocons in the US. They are certainly telling them where to fight.

Neocon Democrats and Republicans meet with the former comedian.

The Wall Street Journal reports that the US is frustrated that Ukraine allegedly doesn’t follow their advice [from afar].

According to the WSJ’s sources, the US believes that the amount of Western military aid sent to Ukraine is enough to breach Russian defenses, although the window of opportunity is closing.

“We built up this mountain of steel for the counteroffensive. We can’t do that again,” one former US official explained. “It doesn’t exist.”

Washington wants Gen. Valery Zaluzhny to concentrate Ukrainian forces near the southern city of Tokmak for a push towards the Azov Sea, the article claimed. It added that US officials disapprove of President Vladimir Zelensky’s focus on attempts to retake the city of Artyomovsk in the east, which Kiev calls Bakhmut.

The Ukrainian leader, who has invested symbolic significance in the settlement, reportedly argued that recapturing it would boost troop morale. US officials say it has no strategic value.


The media is starting to move toward admitting Ukraine is losing. The Telegraph is one.

The Telegraph UK is a Ukraine War and Zelensky cheerleader. Yet, they published an article titled, Ukraine’s Army Is Running Out of Men to Recruit.

The Telegraph began the article by saying the Russian militaries and Putin are in tatters. Then, they finally admit in their own way the invasion is a failure.

“Volunteers are no longer coming forward in numbers sufficient to keep the army at fighting strength. Those most willing to fight signed up years ago. The latest recruitment slogan is “It’s OK to be afraid, but there are still many attempting to dodge being drafted to fight on the front lines.”

Slapping at the soldiers is grossly unfair.

We should end the war and begin peace talks.

Col. Douglas Macgregor discusses the war in the clip below and why it began.

In the clip, the Colonel gives reasons why the US is in the war, and if he is correct about the one in this clip, the US is in worse trouble than one can imagine.




  1. If Ukraine needs more fodder for their war, send all the politicians and hollywood celebrities who support the money laundering machine over there. They can all go visit their kickback money and then go fight Russians.

  2. We have a city called Washington DC with an overabundance of patriotic neocons with nothing better to do. Call up Bill Krystal I will bet he dresses as George Patton when Rob Reiner, and the reenact the Battle of the bulge!

  3. Douglas MacGreagor breaksdown how this war started. Only thing left out is; Start a war to cover up criminal behavour. We have it all in Ukraine. Corruption, dark organ harvesting, bio warfare labs, human traffiking. Democrats/Republicans, (they’re the same) have blood on there hands.
    The politicians, media, academia has made America the very thing we espoused to hate; the USSR & NAZI Germany. Now Russia has become the Christian nation fighting evil.
    I lay all of this crazziness on the feet of Acadamia. Who educates & trains the masses? Besides the media, who is the largest purveyor of propaganda: Acadamia.
    All, I repeat; All educators should be rounded up & sent to fight in Ukraine. As for that purtrid cesspool in Washington- Bejieng, they should be tried for treason & shot. The whole lot.
    Probably piss off a lot of folks. Thats okay.

  4. We need a law that makes it so that if America gets involved in a military conflict, that is not supported by the American people and a declaration of war backed by a majority in both houses, the president their VP, and all members of Congress and the Senate have to forgo their pay until the conflict is resolved.

  5. Lincoln called it “That Terrible Arithmetic”…Grant and Sherman understood it and Napoleon, Hitler and Now Zelensky are finding out about it the hard way. It’s a matter of numbers, and Ukraine doesn’t have it. Russia can sustsain losses and replace them. Ukraine can’t. It’s just that simple.

  6. US State Department and the CIA are disgusting in promoting this needless war. Putin wanted to settle peacefully years ago. But it is the US corrupt politicians, like the criminal Biden and his so-called “progressives” who are promoting this war. This war did NOT have to happen, and yet, here we are again about to lose another war, after Viet Nam, Afghanistan, and Africa. We do have very stupid retards in the government that need firing.

  7. The Globalist American Empire and the venal Deep State behind it are heartless in their pursuit of World Domination and subjugation of all. They have never cared about the Ukraine but for what the Ukraine could be used for: a pawn to be sacrificed in battle.

  8. Lots of Ukrainian blood on the hands of American politicians. They don’t care. They didn’t care about all American deaths from covid. Send that fat F**k Christie and his kids over there to fight. Lindsey Graham and his bunch of war mongers. Where are all the keyboard warrior Americans who encourage America to support this losing war?


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