Ukraine Spokes-Tran Drops a New Clip Fit for Clown World


Ukraine’s transgender spokesperson, Sgt. Sarah Ashton Cirillo, an American citizen, has a new insane announcement for Americans. Cirillo is responding to Sen. Vance’s letter asking what Cirillo’s role is in the Ukraine Armed Forces.

Cirillo began with acrimonious invective against Russia and then answered Vance’s questions. Cirillo’s role is as “an American in the Ukrainian infantry as a soldier and medic who is brought from the zero line and assigned to the TDFs media team in the dual role of spokesperson and Russian disinformation analyst.”

The Ukrainian spokesperson said they are fighting for “global liberty” [as the country goes to ruin and we are on the brink of World War for a corrupt nation that imprisons anyone who disagrees with them and cancels elections].

Cirillo went on about the “tired trope of gender chaos.” The medic says, “[I am] fighting for the freedom of every human, ” while equating the Ukraine war with the US revolution.




  1. This has to be an intel production. The only way the trans atrocity can be broadcast so rapidly across the world, through governments and the media, is that it is coordinated by intel (US/WEF/NWO).

    When I see this merging of the globalist military operation and the trans atrocity, I think they are 2 sides of the same coin. It is in our military and in other places. These are not random appearances.


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